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Posts tagged "wrongful death"

Woman killed in apparent wrongful death accident in Texas

A recent tragedy occurred in Texas that left one person dead and another facing criminal charges. The apparent wrongful death accident took place near midnight on a recent Thursday. Galveston police responded to the call in the 4100 block of Seawall Boulevard.

Fatal workplace accidents still common at Texas refineries

A recent article lamented the fact that, in the last decade, the number of accidents at U.S. oil refineries has barely decreased since a horrific tragedy occurred at a Texas refinery in 2005. Fatal workplace accidents remain a high risk, according to some who claim that profit often comes before safety in many of the nation's refineries. Some have stated that safety in refineries is purchased through injury and death.

Texas fatal accidents apparently on the rise in one county

Statistics are not necessary to understand that many serious collisions have occurred on Texas roadways this year. In El Paso County, more fatal accidents have been recorded, thus far, in 2015 than those listed during the same time last year. One crash resulted in a young man's death and a survivor's arrest under charges of intoxicated manslaughter.

Fatal Texas accident could be grounds for wrongful death suit

Area police responded to a fatal accident in the wee hours of a recent Sunday morning. The tragedy occurred on US-67 in eastern Texas. The wrong-way crash resulted in multiple deaths, as well as injuries to two survivors. Depending upon the circumstances, a case like this is sometimes grounds for a wrongful death claim.

Father and son die in possible wrongful death crash in Texas

Tragic accidents can happen at any time. Unfortunately, a family that was vacationing in Texas never made it home after being involved in a car accident. Reports indicate that a father and his son died in the accident, leaving the man's wife potentially able to file a wrongful death claim against the negligent driver who is believed to have caused the accident.

Fatal accidents: Texas man's charges for involvement dismissed

People who drive drunk pose a dangerous risk to others who share the roadways, along with posing a risk to their passengers and themselves. This is especially true in the cases of fatal accidents, such as one in which a Texas man was charged after being suspected of drunk driving. However, the charges against him were dropped after it was determined that he is incompetent and is likely to remain so. 

Texas man sentenced to probation in wrongful death case

Car accidents are typically the result of careless driving and negligence. Sometimes, car accidents are caused because of the loss of brakes or some other vehicle malfunction. This is true for one case in which a Texas man was sentenced for the wrongful death of a 54-year-old woman.

Texas Angel Tours owner gets probation for wrongful death crash

Victim's family members are outraged because of a sentence that was handed down recently to the owner of a bus company. The Texas bus company owner was charged following a car accident that resulted in what could clearly be characterized as the wrongful death of 17 passengers. After a plea agreement, a federal judge ordered a sentence of three years of probation.

Texas wrongful death crash kills 2, injures 1

A driver has been blamed for a deadly accident after striking and killing another motorist. Texas authorities believe that the person who allegedly caused the apparent wrongful death accident was under the influence. Another person who was involved in the accident suffered critical injuries.

Young mother dies in potential wrongful death in Texas

Anybody who is on the road runs the risk of being injured or even dying in a car crash. When a person dies in a car accident, it is unfortunate no matter who the victim is. However, it can be particularly devastating when the victim is a young mother who leaves behind an infant. This seems to have been the case in a recent vehicle accident, which could result in a wrongful death lawsuit.