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September 2013 Archives

Texas truck driver kills 3, hurts 1 in motor vehicle accident

Sometimes, when a car accident occurs, it is because of one simple impact that may or may not cause damage to the occupants of the vehicle. Other times, car accidents are caused by a chain of events set into motion that also may end in injury. For example, one vehicle can push another off the road, causing the vehicle to hit another object. This exact situation occurred recently in Texas as a Mack flatbed truck caused a motor vehicle accident that killed three people and injured another.

Texas family claims wrongful death for police shooting of son

Being a law enforcement officer carries a lot of risk as well as a lot of heavy choices. One must make split second decisions that can sometimes affect whether someone lives or dies. Even though officers are supposed to be entirely just and are held to a higher standard than most citizens, sometimes these men and women do make mistakes; and sometimes these mistakes can result in an innocent person's death. A man, whose family believes was innocent, was supposedly accidentally shot and killed by a police detective, and the family has brought a Texas wrongful death suit against the detective.

Drunk driving accident kills 5 Texas performers

When one irresponsibly chooses to drive drunk, one creates the possibility that one will get hurt or that one will hurt someone else, including anyone who chooses to ride with one. While any car accident can be potentially fatal, this is more possible when one is drunk driving because alcohol impairs one's ability to properly operate machinery. Each fatal drunk driving accident is tragic, but it is even more tragic when several people die because of a young Texas driver's irresponsible decision to drive under the influence.

4-vehicle Texas car accident kills 1, injures 2

All American drivers must be prepared to drive in all sorts of conditions. Some parts of America are prone to large amounts of snowfall while others accrue heavy rainfalls each year. Texas, on the other hand, may have its occasional hazardous weather, but for the most part, the state usually has dry and clear days. However, when it comes to car accidents, no matter what kind of weather condition, accidents can happen. On a recent clear and dry Texas day, a car accident involving four-vehicles occurred, and one person was killed while two others were injured.

Texas car accident kills 15-year-old, injures others

Even though every car accident is an unfortunate occurrence, it is even more unfortunate when someone dies from injuries related to the crash. More unfortunate still is when a young person dies. Riding around with one's friends can be fun, but one must pay attention to the road otherwise serious consequences can happen. A 15-year-old teenage passenger in a Toyota died in a Texas car accident that also injured others.