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Texas truck driver kills 3, hurts 1 in motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Sometimes, when a car accident occurs, it is because of one simple impact that may or may not cause damage to the occupants of the vehicle. Other times, car accidents are caused by a chain of events set into motion that also may end in injury. For example, one vehicle can push another off the road, causing the vehicle to hit another object. This exact situation occurred recently in Texas as a Mack flatbed truck caused a motor vehicle accident that killed three people and injured another.

The truck and a Lincoln Town Car were both driving in the same direction. Witnesses claim that the truck struck the car, and the truck forced it off the road. The car then hit a utility pole, resulting in very serious injuries for the passengers.

Three of the four occupants of the car were killed as a result of their injuries. The driver was treated at an area hospital for injuries that were said to be not life threatening. The driver of the truck was arrested and charged with three counts of accident causing injury or death as well as leaving the scene of the accident.

The report does not state what caused the driver of the truck to force the car off the road. It is not stated whether or not alcohol is believed to be a factor in the Texas motor vehicle accident, but the investigation is still underway. The driver of the car could be able to file a personal injury claim against the truck driver for his medical bills as well as punitive damages. Likewise, the families of the three people who were killed may want to file wrongful death claims against the truck driver in the hopes of being compensated for emotional distress as well as funeral costs.

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