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The Woodlands Personal Injury Law Blog

What hazards exist at amusement parks?

Before summer is over many families will be paying one last visit to amusement parks all over the country. While kids love riding roller coasters and playing games, amusement parks are associated with certain risks. That's why it's important for both kids and parents to take the proper steps to ensure safety remains a priority. 

There are currently no federal safety regulations imposed on amusement parks. While most states have laws governing safety procedures, these laws and regulations vary from place to place. When it comes to injuries, in 2017 alone an estimated 29,400 amusement park visitors visited emergency rooms after sustaining an injury at a park. Additionally, there have been a reported 22 deaths related to amusement park rides and attractions since 2010. 

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one in an apartment fire?

Apartment living has come a long way in recent years. Property owners know that, in order to attract tenants, they have to provide amenities, upgrade units and make sure the complex has curb appeal. Prospective tenants often look for these things when choosing an apartment here in The Woodlands, and your loved one was probably no exception.

While your family member may have focused on amenities and remodeled units, the property owner should have considered the safety of the building. Even though it may seem as though apartment fires are rare, they do happen, and complexes must comply with local, state and federal regulations when it comes to fire safety. In some cases, it is not until someone loses his or her life that these attributes become important.

Are there risks when taking antidepressants?

Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of medications that are prescribed to treat problems with depression and anxiety. While they are effective in many cases, they're also associated with a wide range of side effects. Some of these side effects can be severe and life-threatening, which is why both patients and doctors must understand their risks in comparison to the benefits they offer. 

SSRIs are often prescribed to people with suicidal thoughts, which is a feature of many types of psychiatric disorders. For reasons that are not yet widely understood, these medications can actually increase a person's risk of experiencing suicidal thoughts. This risk is so serious that in 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration opted to include a black box warning regarding suicide risks on SSRIs. Teens, kids, and young adults are particularly vulnerable to suicidal ideation when taking antidepressants. 

Motorcycle accidents and loud music

From slick road conditions due to heavy rain to traffic congestion and aggressive drivers, there are a plethora of reasons why motorcycle collisions occur. However, it is important for motorcyclists to be aware of some of the less common hazards that they may encounter on the road, such as loud music. Not only can loud music increase the chances of those driving larger vehicles hitting a motorcyclist, but motorcyclists who play loud music may also be more likely to find themselves in a crash.

During the summer, some motorcyclists enjoy listening to loud music while they ride. However, when music is excessively loud, it can present a number of concerns. For example, a motorcyclist may be distracted, or they may have difficulty hearing other vehicles on the road. When drivers listen to loud music, they may not hear a motorcycle and they may also be distracted by the loud volume. Some drivers also become overly excited or even aggressive when they are listening to certain types of music, which can be very dangerous on the roads.

When a loved one passes away due to a medication

In recent years, many people have taken prescription drugs, as well as medication that is sold over the counter, for various health problems. Unfortunately, these drugs often carry a number of side effects, including side effects which may not have been disclosed. From new drugs that have not been thoroughly evaluated to negligent drug manufacturers, there are a variety of reasons why these drugs can be dangerous. Sadly, many people have passed away as a result of defective drugs or other problems related to medication that they took, while many others have suffered serious injuries that have disrupted their lives.

Our law office is very familiar with the different hardships that defective drugs can bring into the lives of victims and their loved ones, especially when someone passes away. Many people have passed away prematurely after taking medication, and the loved ones they leave behind may have a hard time with medical costs, funeral expenses, adjusting to life without their loved one's income and other financial pressures. Not to mention, an unbearable amount of emotional trauma and a sense of loss that will never go away.

How can I move on after a loss?

Losing someone you love to a negligent or careless act is devastating. As a result, it can be difficult to deal with the grieving process after such a loss, especially when the person was an immediate family member, such as a spouse or a child. The Mayo Clinic offers the following advice on how to best cope with grief after a personal loss. The first step is to accept that the grieving process is completely normal. 

Grief is characterized by an intense range of emotions. Along with the expected sadness, a person may also be beset by anger, frustration, guilt, rage, denial, or even a feeling of numbness. There is no wrong way to experience grief, and no emotion should be looked at shamefully. Accept your emotions for what they are and don't try to deny or dismiss them. This can actually make the grieving process more difficult to navigate. 

Speeding and its role in fatal auto accidents

Most people drive faster than the speed limit at some point. There are those individuals who do it because they have no regard for the posted limits. Some do it to keep up with the flow of traffic. Then, some end up driving faster than they should because they are dealing with a distraction. No matter the reason for it, speeding is a form of driver negligence and is often a contributing factor in fatal auto accidents.

Sadly, speeding is an issue in every state. It is impossible to drive anywhere without seeing one or more people driving well above the posted speeds. How many fatal car accidents can one attribute to speeding, though?

How can swimming pool accidents be prevented?

A swimming pool can be a great addition to the home. However, pool owners must take the proper safety steps to prevent injuries and even drowning when their pool is being used. This is especially important when kids are involved, as young children face a serious risk of pool-related injuries when the proper safety measures aren't put in place. offers the following safety tips to ensure your kids and others remain safe this summer. 

Drowning is a leading cause of death for kids aged one through four. Many kids in this age group will seek out pools, even when no adults are in attendance. This emphasizes the importance of securing a pool so that it can't be used when the owner is not around. Pool alarms are essential in this case. A pool alarm will provide a loud signal to homeowners in the event that someone is in the immediate area. This is a huge help if neighborhood kids stop by the pool without an invitation, which is actually a more frequent occurrence than one might think. 

Facial scarring due to a car crash

Many different physical, mental and financial challenges can arise when a motor vehicle collision occurs, such as a broken bone, a victim having a hard time paying hospital bills or depression. In some instances, all of these hardships are intertwined, and they can make it very difficult for victims to move forward in life. Some auto accident consequences, such as facial scarring, are overlooked by others. However, facial injuries which result in scarring can be very debilitating for victims on both a physical and emotional level.

From minor facial scarring to major scars which upend a victim’s life, everyone who sustains facial injuries is in a different position following a car crash. These scars can shatter someone’s life in countless ways, such as getting in the way of their ability to earn a living. Some people depend on their physical appearance to make a living, which may be very difficult due to prominent scars. Moreover, some people may suffer a major blow to their self esteem due to scarring and these scars can affect one’s dating life as well.

Contaminated blood pressure drugs linked to possible cancer risk

According to CNN, the search for contaminated blood pressure drugs continues even after initial recalls. These drugs, which are angiotensin II receptor blockers, have been found to contain a substance known as NDMA. While normally an ingredient in rocket fuel and pesticides, NDMA can also occur as a result of a chemical reaction. Manufacturing issues are thought to be the cause of this batch of recalls, which impacts millions of patients and involves drugs from many different companies. 

NDMA is considered a genotoxin, which impacts DNA replication. Cancer is caused by rapidly replicating cells, so the concern is being exposed to a genotoxin can increase a person's cancer risk. The contaminated drugs are believed to have originated from Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese drug manufacturer. While investigations are ongoing, it's believed that during the processing of the active ingredient, a chemical reaction took place, which led to the presence of NDMA. There are also concerns about some of the practices at this manufacturing plant. For instance, officials say that certain materials were reused against best practices, which led to problems with processing and contamination.