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The Woodlands Personal Injury Law Blog

Acute compartment syndrome is a serious, catastrophic injury

Perhaps you were traveling a route you take nearly every day. Before you knew it, you were spinning, flipping or otherwise thrown around in the cabin of your vehicle with no control over your body. By the time those few seconds passed and your vehicle came to a stop, it may have registered that you were in an accident.

The next thing you realize is that you can't get out of the wreckage. You may not necessarily be trapped, but you can't move without intense pain in one or both of your legs. By the time emergency personnel get to you, you already know you suffered significant trauma, such as a fracture or break of at least one of your legs. That could turn out to be the least of your worries.

Products liability claims for customers hurt by dangerous items

Consumers who purchase goods and furniture for their homes assume that the products will safely serve the purpose for which they were intended. Unfortunately, some products fail to perform in the expected manner and could cause serious harm to consumers. Anyone in Texas who suffers injuries may have grounds to file a products liability claim.

A recent recall involved household furniture. The recall concerns several makes and models of dressers that are estimated to stand about 3 feet tall. The dressers did not pass safety testing about potential tip-over risks. According to the stability testing, the units pose a risk of tipping forward when they are not securely anchored to the wall.

High-speed collision in Fort Worth leaves woman dead

It can be difficult to tackle issue of car accident liability in the immediate aftermath of a collision in The Woodlands. Yet the damages and expenses that accident victims are often left to deal with may make having such a discussion necessary. What can be really challenging is when claims of liability are thrown between the occupants of the same vehicle. Typically, people assume that it is up to the driver to ensure the safety of all of their passengers. Yet drivers may just as easily argue that adult passengers should be tasked with seeing to their own well-being. 

Assigning liability becomes especially difficult when it appears that the actions of all involved could have potentially contributed to the outcome of an accident. This was on full display in a recent accident that occurred in Fort Worth, where a woman was killed when the vehicle she was traveling in collided with a highway barrier. The driver of the vehicle (whose relationship with the woman was not reported) survived the accident (though he did require treatment at a local hospital). 

What is negligent entrustment?

When you have been involved in a car accident in The Woodlands, you typically understand that what happened was just that: an accident. Thus, your first impulse may not be to try and assign blame. Yet the expenses that result from your accident may place you in a position of needing to consider a liability claim. What is more, your frustration over the entire incident might build when you discover that not only did that driver that hit you have a poor driving history, but that even with that knowledge, someone gave them access to their vehicle. 

Such frustration may reasonably prompt you to question whether or not the owner of the vehicle should share in the liability for the accident. The legal doctrine of negligent entrustment allows for just that. It recognizes that vehicle owners should exercise caution in deciding who they should loan their vehicles to, and places responsibility on those who allow poor or inexperienced drivers to use them. 

What are the symptoms of PTSD?

It's possible to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a very bad car accident, especially if severe injuries or loss of life was involved. Getting the proper treatment for this medical disorder is crucial, as it can have a lasting impact on a person's mind and behavior. The following information will help you determine whether you're experiencing PTSD so you can take the rights steps to get the appropriate treatment. 

The onset of symptoms of PTSD varies for many people. In some cases, you may experience symptoms just a month or so after the car accident. In others, it may take years before symptoms manifest. Additionally, not everyone who's been involved in a serious accident will experience PTSD. There are certain risk factors that make the onset of symptoms more likely.

Blood pressure medication poses cancer risk

According to CNN, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been investigating a class of drugs known as angiotensin II receptor blockers, which are prescribed to people with high blood pressure. It's believed that these drugs contain contaminants that are associated with increased cancer risk, and it's believed that even more tainted medications will be found during the course of the investigation. While initial reports began in 2010, the FDA failed to initiate its recall until July of last year. 

Chemical reactions during the manufacturing process are thought to be the cause behind the contamination. These chemical reactions led to the presence of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in the medications. This substance, which is commonly used to make rocket fuel, is a possible cancer-causing agent due to its effect on DNA replication. The chemical reaction could have been caused by the re-use of certain materials, but the exact cause is not known. 

Brachial plexus injury could put you out of commission for months

When Texas residents contemplate the injuries they could suffer in a serious car accident, their thoughts often go to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and more. Not many people consider other injuries that may not seem serious but could keep you from working and living a normal life for months at a time.

For instance, damage to your nerves can be painful and debilitating, even if temporarily. The best outcome is that you will have issues for months but achieve a full recovery. On the other hand, you could suffer lifelong nerve damage that could complicate your life. One of those injuries could be to a bundle of nerves called the brachial plexus.

How can I avoid dangerous Halloween costumes?

Halloween is a fun time for kids to dress up and go trick-or-treating. However, certain types of costumes and accessories can prove dangerous to little ones. It's up to parents to ensure their kids choose the right costumes to avoid injury and remain safe during the holiday. In this case, Consumer Reports offers the following tips. 

Be careful with face paints & makeup

Motorcycle accidents and burn injuries

Victims of motorcycle crashes may have a number of hardships to work through, from those which affect them in a financial way to broken bones and mental trauma. There are a lot of other hardships that these victims may have to endure, however, and every accident can bring unique challenges. For example, some people suffer severe burns in a motorcycle accident, and there are many different ways that the victims of these accidents can sustain a serious burn.

Motorcycles and other vehicles may catch on fire due to a collision, which can be very dangerous for motorcyclists who are exposed to flames. A motorcyclist may also suffer road burn after being thrown from their motorcycle and sliding along the roadway, especially if they were traveling at high speeds. These burns can not only be very painful, but they can leave a motorcyclist sidelined from work and other critical activities. Moreover, they can be emotionally devastating, especially for those who suffer burns to their face or head.

How can I recover from the loss of my spouse?

Losing a spouse is never easy, but it's especially difficult when your loved one's death resulted from someone else's negligent actions. Along with the many practical and legal considerations following the death of a spouse, you'll also have to navigate complex emotions during the grieving process. To help you on your journey, Very Well Mind offers the following advice. 

Take care of yourself physically