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How does the FDA fight defective drugs?

There are many things to worry about when it comes to your health. You have to put a lot of trust in your Texas doctor and other healthcare professionals that they will provide you with quality healthcare. You also have to trust that when they prescribe a drug that drug will help you and not harm you. However, there are times when you may run into a defective drug. This may pose many risks for you.

However, you are not alone. You should always report any issues with your medication to your healthcare provider, but you also can rely on the FDA. The FDA tries to prevent any issues from occurring in the first place with defective drugs. It does this through requiring testing and imposing strict guidelines and regulations for drug manufacturers before they can put a drug on the market.

Can prescription drugs cause birth problems?

If you take prescription medication and are thinking of getting pregnant or are already pregnant, you should be aware of the potential health effect on your baby. Some drugs are known to cause serious health issues in unborn children, and these issues may lead to lasting complications and may even result in loss of life. March of Dimes offers the following information on prescription drugs and pregnancy, so you can take the proper steps to protect yourself and your child.

The first step is to speak with your medical provider. While you may need to be weaned, you shouldn’t stop taking medication without a doctor’s consultation, especially if it’s being used to control a serious condition. The effects of stopping suddenly could also be dangerous and your health care staff may need to provide a replacement to prevent adverse effects from occurring.

How can I improve my driving skills?

Driving in Texas can involve a lot of different situations and environments, from highway driving to traveling on residential roads. As a result, it’s important for all motorists to do their part to preserve safety on the road, which can benefit themselves and others. If you’d like to boost your driving skills, Business Insider offers the following tips.

Be aware of your surroundings

Seeking recompense that reflects the true nature of your injuries

The injuries you suffered in a Texas car accident can change your life in many ways. Serious or catastrophic injuries can leave you dealing with expenses, ongoing medical needs and emotional trauma. The aftermath is often expensive and complex, and it can be difficult to fight for the help and recovery you deserve on your own.

Car accident victims who suffer because of the negligent or reckless actions of another driver have the right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. If you believe this is the right step for you, it is prudent to ensure you fight for the full amount you need and deserve. You are entitled to recovery that includes your current financial losses and your future needs resulting from the accident.

What are the 5 stages of grief?

While everyone’s journey is different, for many people grief takes a familiar route after suffering a loss. The 5 stages of grief often occur after the death of a loved one, and when it’s a sudden loss a person may have difficulty navigating the stages on their own. Psych Central offers the following information to help you cope with sudden, senseless death.

Losing a loved one is shocking in most circumstances, but it's it's especially shocking when it occurs abruptly. Accordingly, many people experience denial, which is a temporary state that numbs a person against their negative emotions. During the denial stage, some people will even attempt to isolate themselves from others, which prevents them from being faced with reality. Denial often gives way to anger once reality sets in.

How can I keep my teen from driving while distracted?

Distracted driving poses a real risk to younger drivers. While bad driving habits are dangerous for all who share the road, new drivers lacking experience are particularly at risk of having an accident when their attention strays. That’s why parents must talk to their kids about preventing distracted driving, as explained by Geico.

Don’t text and drive

What questions should you ask to prevent drug interactions

When you are prescribed a drug by your health care provider in Texas, chances are the prescription will be accompanied by instructions that will direct you how to safely and responsibly take the medicine to benefit you and reduce unwanted symptoms. Based on your medical history, allergies and other vital information, your doctor will give you specific instructions regarding dosage amounts and frequency. However, it is critical that you also ask questions to make sure you have all of the information you need to prevent potentially harmful drug interactions. 

Once your doctor has prescribed your medication and you have all of the adequate information to take the drug the right way, it is wise to verify this information when you pick up the medication from your pharmacist. He or she can match the information on the prescription label with the information you received from your doctor to make sure that you have everything you need. Your pharmacist may also be able to provide additional tips and suggestions for taking the medication to make your results as useful as possible. 

Risks associated with Xarelto’s interactions

If you are in danger of having a stroke or heart attack in Texas, your doctor may prescribe a blood-thinning drug such as Xarelto. This type of medication saves lives by preventing blood clots that can clog arteries, but they also carry risks. At The Leigh Law Firm, our team of experienced attorneys often represents clients who have experienced severe injuries as a result of prescription drugs.

HealthDay reports that these powerful medications can have adverse effects when they interact with other drugs. Blood thinners called nonvitamin K oral anticoagulants (NOACs) can increase the risk of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract and brain, reducing effectiveness. When used concurrently with other specific types of medications, the increased bleeding may have catastrophic results.

E-scooters bring problems to big cities

Texas cities are seeing the burgeoning industry of dockless scooters. These electronic scooters are available to rent through a phone app and are growing in popularity because of their ease-of-use, convenience and fun. However, they are also quickly becoming the target of criticism, and their rental companies may be under harsh scrutiny for their lack of precautions to ensure the safety of their users.

It seems that as soon as a city welcomes an electric scooter rental service, the emergency rooms begin to see an uptick in injuries related to scooter travel. You do not have to be a scooter customer to be in danger.

Families mourn the death of 2, killed by psychiatric patient

While death is never easy to cope with, it can be even more difficult for families in Texas who experience a sudden and unexpected event that could have been prevented, but ultimately led to the death of their loved one. During these difficult times, it can be exponentially more upsetting if what happened to the victims could have been mitigated with more responsible decision making from other people. 

Recent lawsuits filed by the families of two victims in Oregon claim that the state's negligence in releasing a psychiatric patient from the hospital ultimately led to the deaths of their family members. The man who they released from the hospital is accused of gunning down his ex-wife and later on, crashing head-on into another vehicle and killing the driver.