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Who is liable for injuries due to prescriptions?

Prescription drugs are popular treatment options for many patients in Texas, but they are accompanied by a variety of side effects. Some drugs are also contraindicated for certain conditions or with other medications or supplements. When patients are injured in one way or the other, or if they have a bad reaction, due to a prescription is anyone liable? This depends on the specific situation and who was negligent in the process.

According to FindLaw, pharmaceutical drugs are commonly blamed in a number of products liability cases. Sometimes it is because the medication itself is found to be defective, in which case the manufacturer may be found liable. However, there are many lawsuits in which another party's negligence is the cause of a patient's injury. Other options include:

  • The prescribing healthcare provider
  • The pharmacist
  • The person who gave proper-use instructions 

Describing the duty to render aid in Texas

Should one randomly question a sampling of drivers regarding what they should do after being in a car accident in The Woodlands, most would likely state that they are obligated to remain at the scene. Yet while most believe this to be due to a need to share one's insurance and vehicle information with both authorities and other accident victims, one of the primary reasons behind requiring motorists involved in an accident to remain at the scene is to provide aid. 

Indeed, Section 550.023 of Texas' Transportation Code states that anyone involved in an accident that is physically able to is obligated to offer aid to accident victims. When people are injured in car accidents, every moment counts when it comes to providing them with treatment. Those at the scene are able to begin such treatment faster than any emergency responder can. 

Could a new treatment defy the odds for spinal cord injuries?

You could suffer any number of injuries in an accident. One of the more serious is a spinal cord injury. While some people do recover from these injuries, the outlook is not always good.

In fact, there are cases where the damage is believed to be irreversible even from the first examination. Doctors rely on sensation and motor function tests to determine the severity and location of the injury. However, other injuries, such as broken bones or head injuries, often hamper these exams. Some patients may come in unconscious and unable to answer questions or otherwise respond to stimuli.

Where to find news of drug recalls

If you have heard a lot about the topic of drug recalls lately and you take medication prescribed by your Texas doctor, you might wonder how you could find out if your medicine has been recalled. If you are at all concerned about consuming recalled medicine, there are a number of ways you can keep on top of drug recall news and help yourself enjoy a greater piece of mind.

First, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues a FDA enforcement report each week that lists recalled drugs. The FDA will classify recalled drugs according to a category of severity, with Class I posing the most danger, Class II posing a more moderate risk, and Class III offering the least risk. However, the FDA will not always have a classification ready for a drug, but the agency will still list the drug as part of an ongoing recall.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a common injury for motorists involved in car accidents. In some cases, the effects of whiplash can be severe, and can prevent a crash victim from earning a living for a period of time. The Mayo Clinic offers information on whiplash, so you can take the proper treatment steps if it happens to you.

Why it happens

Are bounce houses safe?

If your child has a birthday coming up in Texas, you might be thinking about ways to make it a special occasion. Many parents opt for bounce house rental in this case, which are inflatable structures that allow kids to play inside. While fun, bounce houses aren’t always safe, as explained by

Over a ten-year period, approximately 64,000 children required emergency medical treatment after using a bounce house. Injuries are usually linked to falls since multiple kids use the bounce house at the same time. Injuries typically involve fractures, sprains, and even head injuries. Head injuries are particularly dangerous, as they may have lifelong effects on kids depending on severity.

16-year-old dies from football-related injuries

Texans are very enthusiastic about school-sponsored athletics and similar activities, but while high school athletics are often enjoyable for students and spectators alike, the fun became deadly serious last weekend when a 16-year-old high school student in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia died from an injury sustained in a football game on Friday night.

Two thousand two hundred spectators were watching from the stands when the student sustained an injury during the course of the football game that, according to a notice on the school's website, directly related to the cause of his death. Later, during the game's third quarter, the student collapsed. Transported immediately to a local hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery, the student died on Sunday.

Recovering from an electrical shock

When the weather gets particularly dry in Texas, you experience an electrical charge when you get out of your car or reach for a light switch. You may see sparks and feel a pinch at the moment of contact. While most of the time the jolt that comes from static electricity is more of a surprise, if enough energy builds up, you may feel genuine pain from the shock.

However, even the most severe static charge could not have prepared you for the pain and suffering of an electrical shock. A few seconds of contact with an electrical current changed your life forever. For that brief time, you became part of the current. Witnesses may have struggled to separate you if they were unable to shut off power. Now you are rebuilding your life, and you may only be starting to understand the extent of your injuries.

What should I know about prescription drug recalls?

While all medications in the United States are rigorously tested before their release, problems can still arise once they’re in wider use. In this case, a drug recall may be enacted, either by the manufacturer or the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. WebMD explains why drugs can be recalled and what you can do if a drug you take on a regular basis is suddenly removed from the market.

There are a number of reasons why a drug may be recalled. Manufacturing defects can occur, which would impact a drug’s potency or quality. The drug may also be hazardous, and these hazards may not have been evident until the medication was widely used. In other cases, the drug might be labeled incorrectly. Labeling can be misleading in some way or it may be confusing to the people taking.

Accident risks while driving a rental

Any time you are driving a vehicle, you may face a number of risks that could increase the chances of an accident. However, there are certain instances when driving can be especially dangerous. Aside from bad weather and hectic traffic, some drivers may be more likely to find themselves in a motor vehicle collision while driving a rental car for a number of reasons. If you regularly rent vehicles or plan on driving a rental for the first time, it is important to be aware of these risks while behind the wheel.

People rent various types of vehicles for different reasons. For example, someone may rent a moving truck in order to haul furniture and other belongings to a new address. Not only do some drivers lack experience with these trucks, but they may have an even higher chance of causing a crash because they are not very familiar with the new area they are moving to.