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February 2015 Archives

Texas group honors those killed in drunk driving accidents

A recent ceremony was held to honor a victim who was killed in a 2006 tragedy. The mother of the young woman joined forces with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, who said that it provides crosses free of charge for those who wish to mark the sites of drunk driving accidents which have taken the lives of loved ones. The mother and others gathered to place a cross at the scene of the crash to honor the young student whose life ended abruptly eight years ago.

Texas gym-goers should be on alert for spinal cord injuries

Pilates is a form of exercise that is sweeping the nation. Through specific movements, participants strive to improve strength and flexibility, as well as heightened mental awareness. Texas residents considering this trend should be on the alert for potential spinal cord injuries, as one woman claims to have suffered an injury after a class.

Texas lives can be devastated by fatal car accidents

Moving to a new place can often bring a family joy and adventure. Unfortunately, fatal car accidents can quickly turn joy to devastation. A family who had been residing in Texas for only a few months lost two of its members in a highway tragedy Sunday night. Several others were injured in the crash.

Truck driver suffers back injury in Texas collision

Anyone who has suffered an injury knows that some injuries heal better than others. It is often said that once a person suffers a back injury, his or her back is never the same. Hopefully, this will not be the case for a truck driver whose back was injured in a recent Texas collision.