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Texas gym-goers should be on alert for spinal cord injuries

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injuries |

Pilates is a form of exercise that is sweeping the nation. Through specific movements, participants strive to improve strength and flexibility, as well as heightened mental awareness. Texas residents considering this trend should be on the alert for potential spinal cord injuries, as one woman claims to have suffered an injury after a class.

The woman states that she was instructed to use a particular machine during a class which used ropes and pulleys for resistance-type exercises. The apparatus was used while she was lying on a platform. She claims that during a particular part of the exercise she experienced a popping feeling in her neck; however, there was no visible evidence of an injury. It was reported that not long after the incident the woman began to suffer from an excruciating headache that could only be relieved by lying in a reclined position.

The woman said that her headaches got worse, which prompted her to make an appointment with her physician. Strong narcotics were prescribed, but she claims that her pain continued to increase. After repeated doctor visits, an MRI scan ultimately revealed that the woman had suffered a tear near her spine, which had caused blood to pool in the cranium and cerebrospinal fluid to leak, possibly causing her severe headaches.

Reports indicate that the woman was admitted to the hospital and underwent two weeks of treatment. Spinal cord injuries and other mishaps are potential risks of workouts in commercial gyms. Any Texas resident who has paid for exercise classes and believes that he or she has suffered injury due to lack of appropriate instruction or a faulty piece of equipment has the right to seek legal consultation with regard to the possibility of filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. A successfully litigated case could possibly provide monetary compensation, which could help offset any ongoing medical costs resulting from the injury.

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