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Motorcycle Accidents

The Skilled And Proven Legal Counsel You Need

Texans like to ride. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are far too common and result in more serious injuries than your average car accident.

At The Leigh Law Firm, our experienced trial attorneys have a wealth of experience and a successful track record representing Texas clients in motorcycle litigation. Our founding attorney, Brad Leigh, worked for many years as the right-hand man of legendary Texas personal injury lawyer, John M. O’Quinn. We bring this experience to bear on every case we handle.

Preparation And Aggressive Litigation

We prepare our cases for trial as early as possible. This preparation gives us a tremendous strategic advantage in negotiation and trial, so we can get the best results possible for our clients. Especially in motorcycle accident cases, many jury members are predisposed to blame the motorcyclist for an accident, so preparation and aggressive litigation are crucial to achieving positive outcomes.

Finding Causation And Damages

Far too many motorcycle accident cases are handled as though they were simple car crashes. We understand the extraordinary circumstances that can lead to motorcycle crashes, and the catastrophic injuries that can result from them.

When necessary, we work with a network of experts, including investigators, accident reconstructionists, doctors, life-care specialists and other experts to determine the exact causes of motorcycle accidents and the full extent of the long-term damages that motorcycle accident victims suffer. We are also highly experienced in pursuing wrongful death cases resulting from fatal accidents.

No Lawyer’s Fees Unless We Win — Talk To A Lawyer Today

After a serious motorcycle accident, it is important to talk with an attorney who can help you understand your options and advise you in seeking compensation for your injuries. Leigh Law Office does all of this.

We offer free initial consultations and after-hours visits to clients’ homes, hospitals and offices when necessary. Call 281-816-5906 or 866-688-9219 toll free, or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer from our firm.


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