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We Seek Justice For Oil Field Workers And Their Families

Working on oil fields in Texas is one of the most dangerous occupations in the state. These work sites have many hazards that can result in serious and fatal injuries. If you or a loved one has been in an oil field accident, you can rely on our experience, skill and compassion to get you the help you need.

At The Leigh Law Firm, in The Woodlands, we represent injured oil field workers and their families, and we take this service very seriously. We believe that full and fair compensation is critical to an injury victim’s well-being, and we work tirelessly to get our clients the best possible results. Call or contact our firm online to get a strong legal ally by your side.

Holding Negligent Companies Responsible For Oil Field Injuries And Wrongful Death

Injured workers are typically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, but depending on the cause of the accident, a third-party liability claim may also be important. These are lawsuits that should be filed when the accident was caused by someone other than the employer. We will dig deep and use a variety of resources to learn exactly who caused the accident and who should be held responsible. Often, multiple negligent third parties are involved in an oil field accident.

Your recovery in a third-party liability claim does not affect your workers’ compensation benefits. You can receive workers’ compensation and a financial award in a third-party claim. You may need and deserve both.

As your law firm, we will fight to get you compensation for your past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We will dedicate the full force of our resources to reaching a positive outcome for you and getting your life back on track.

Our founding lawyer, Brad Leigh, has successfully litigated against some of the biggest companies and law firms in the country. He and his trial team pride themselves on providing a voice to seriously injured workers and their families, and they would be honored to fight to make things right for you.

Discuss Your Rights With A Lawyer – No Fees Unless We Win

We do not charge any fees to meet with families or injured workers to discuss their options after an oil field accident. If we end up representing you, we will not charge you any lawyer’s fees unless we win compensation for you.

Contact us at 866-688-9219 or 866-688-9219 toll-free, or by filling out this form to schedule your free initial consultation. An attorney is available to meet with you at our law office in The Woodlands or another location more convenient for you.