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November 2018 Archives

What is the difference between a side effect and an allergy?

When it comes to complications from medications, it is essential to understand the difference between an allergy and a side effect. Your doctor in Texas needs to know exactly what you experienced after taking the medication. This helps him or her to make future decisions about your medications and to ensure that you did not experience something out of the ordinary that needs to be reported as a defect or issue with the drug.

How can I drive safely on the highway?

Many motorists in Texas will travel great distances this holiday season. That can mean a lot of highway driving, which can pose a risk to motorists if they don’t take the proper precautions. The following tips from Nationwide are crucial in this case so that you and your family make it to your destination safe and sound.

Your injuries could be more severe than is evident at first

You woke up this morning expecting your day to be like any other. When you left the house and drove to work or to your first destination of the day, another vehicle slammed into yours. You were able to get out of your vehicle and counted yourself lucky because, from the looks of the wreckage, you should have suffered serious injuries. The fact is that you may have, but you just don't know it yet.

Who is responsible for a child’s injury on private property?

Despite trespassing laws being in place to protect someone’s property from vandalism, children don’t always follow the rules. This is especially true for younger children or those who are following the crowd, as you may be aware. There are many ways children can get hurt on private property in Texas, including homes in your own neighborhood. If your child is seriously or fatally injured on a neighbor’s property without permission, who is liable?

Who is liable for injuries due to prescriptions?

Prescription drugs are popular treatment options for many patients in Texas, but they are accompanied by a variety of side effects. Some drugs are also contraindicated for certain conditions or with other medications or supplements. When patients are injured in one way or the other, or if they have a bad reaction, due to a prescription is anyone liable? This depends on the specific situation and who was negligent in the process.

Describing the duty to render aid in Texas

Should one randomly question a sampling of drivers regarding what they should do after being in a car accident in The Woodlands, most would likely state that they are obligated to remain at the scene. Yet while most believe this to be due to a need to share one's insurance and vehicle information with both authorities and other accident victims, one of the primary reasons behind requiring motorists involved in an accident to remain at the scene is to provide aid.