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Your injuries could be more severe than is evident at first

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Firm News |

You woke up this morning expecting your day to be like any other. When you left the house and drove to work or to your first destination of the day, another vehicle slammed into yours. You were able to get out of your vehicle and counted yourself lucky because, from the looks of the wreckage, you should have suffered serious injuries. The fact is that you may have, but you just don’t know it yet.

You probably expect not to feel 100 percent after a car accident. This could cause you to ignore certain symptoms that could actually indicate that something more is going on with you. When the adrenaline from the situation wears off, you may begin to wonder whether you should go to a doctor. The answer is yes, you should.

You never know

Some injuries do not make themselves known as others do. If you cut yourself, you can see it because you bleed. If you can’t move a body part, it’s obviously injured. What happens if you suffer from injuries that you can’t see or immediately feel? How do you know they are there or whether they are serious?

It wouldn’t hurt to see a neurologist to make sure that you didn’t suffer a traumatic head injury, a spinal cord injury or some other neurological injury that may threaten your future, let alone your life. You shouldn’t dismiss the following symptoms after a car accident:

  • Tingling in your arms, hands, feet or legs
  • Migraines
  • Numbness in your arms, hands, feet or legs
  • Headaches
  • Weakness in your arms, hands, feet or legs

These could be symptoms of a serious injury. If you fail to obtain a medical opinion regarding your condition in time, you could make matters worse and further jeopardize your health and your life. You should pay particular attention to them if they are severe or continue to worsen.

Now that you know

If a medical exam reveals that you did suffer a serious injury in that crash, you could face a significant recovery period. You will undoubtedly incur substantial financial losses depending on how long that period is and what your care entails. Texas law allows you the opportunity to pursue compensation for losses from the at-fault party. You could make use of the legal resources in your area in order to reduce the stress of the situation so you can focus on getting your health and life back on track.