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December 2019 Archives

Drunk driver causes crash that proves fatal

Accident sites are notorious locations for additional accidents. People may slow down to look at what happened and cause a crash while rubbernecking, or drivers may drive too fast through the area and cause an accident in another way. A drunk driver could also contribute to another incident. Unfortunately, too many additional accidents happen after initial crashes, and the outcomes can be even worse than the initial incident.

Drowsy driving can lead to motor vehicle accidents

It seems that every time one turns on the news, there is a report of a tragic accident. When the average Texas resident hears of such motor vehicle accidents, thoughts generally turn to drunk driving or some other such cause; little thought is given to the variety of other driver impairments that can be just as deadly. In fact, driver fatigue is believed to be the primary cause of one such accident.

Were you or your loved one injured by defective drugs?

Many corporations in Texas and across the country are prone to success because of their commitments to the bottom line. Many drug manufacturing companies are definitely not immune to this type of focus as a priority in the integral function of their businesses. Problems can arise, however, if consumer safety takes a backseat to a desire to generate profit. In this state and others, defective drugs have caused serious, sometimes fatal, injuries to people who were merely following their doctors' orders for prescription medication. 

Rise in motor vehicle accidents blamed on growth in energy jobs

In several areas of Texas, the gas and oil fields have become an important source for energy field production jobs. Along with this growth in the industry has come a greater demand on the highways and roads in and around the five major production fields with the state. Sadly, along with the rise in energy-related jobs, there has also been increases in motor vehicle accidents and lives lost.

Inattentive drivers a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents

Holidays are a perfect time for family and friends to gather together to celebrate and spend time. Unfortunately, these special occasions also lead to heavier traffic and more than a few serious motor vehicle accidents. Texas officials respond to numerous calls concerning crashes during the travel days, both before and after major holidays such as Thanksgiving.