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Were you or your loved one injured by defective drugs?

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Defective Drugs |

Many corporations in Texas and across the country are prone to success because of their commitments to the bottom line. Many drug manufacturing companies are definitely not immune to this type of focus as a priority in the integral function of their businesses. Problems can arise, however, if consumer safety takes a backseat to a desire to generate profit. In this state and others, defective drugs have caused serious, sometimes fatal, injuries to people who were merely following their doctors’ orders for prescription medication. 

So many families have been devastated when companies claiming to have consumers’ best interests in mind have failed in their duties to keep those who take the drugs they manufacture as safe as possible. Required safety tests are not always conducted when they should be. Information is not always provided to government agencies. A company who fails to do these things may be disregarding protocol, regulations and accepted safety standards.

If you are a patient seeking medical examination and treatment, it is not your job to make sure a pharmaceutical manufacturing company has adhered to the law regarding its products. Manufacturer negligence may mean that you wind up in worse condition after taking a particular drug than you were to start. In worst cases, families have grieved the loss of loved ones who unknowingly ingested defective medication or used defective medical devices.

The Leigh Law Firm, in Texas, firmly believes that those who have suffered damages because of defective drugs or defective medical devices deserve support so they can seek justice in a civil court. Personal injury law is complex, and it is typically challenging for a plaintiff to prove to the court that another person or company’s negligence was directly responsible for his or her injuries. That is why this team of experienced attorneys is committed to acting on behalf of those whose lives have been adversely affected by companies who failed to keep them safe as required by law.