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February 2018 Archives

Fatal accident statistics not improving in the United States

There are many risks and hazards that could negatively affect the health and well-being of Texas drivers. From distraction to drunk drivers, there are various hazards that could lead to an increased chance of a car accident. In fact, national statistics indicated that the number of fatal car accidents remained consistent for the last few years. 

Pollen and the risk of an accident

Motor vehicle crashes happen for all sorts of reasons, including excessive speeds, the use of alcohol, and ignoring other traffic safety laws. However, other less common risk factors may also lead to a crash, such as seasonal allergies. For some people, the idea of allergies causing a motor vehicle accident may sound farfetched, but for those who struggle with severe seasonal allergies, the dangers may be very clear. Unfortunately, crashes turn lives upside down regardless of the cause or a driver's intentions. Worse, it can be hard to pinpoint allergies as the cause of an accident, but victims deserve justice nonetheless.

Identifying a potential source of labeling errors

You and every other person in The Woodlands that has been prescribed a medication typically has the same expectation: You present to the pharmacy, pick up your medication, take it upon returning home and anticipate immediately feeling better. In reality, the process may not always play out like that, but for the most part, the drug tends to be beneficial. However, for many of those that we here at The Leigh Law Firm have worked with, the medications they have taken have actually caused harm. When this happens, the question then becomes whether the drug was defective, or was it misused? 

Wrongful death related to a medical procedure

The hospitals and medical centers in and around The Woodlands are staffed by skilled doctors and surgeons who stand ready to offer whatever lifesaving intervention you or your loved one's may need. Yet these providers are not infallible (as many of those that we here at The Leigh Law Firm have worked with in the past have discovered). Yet you still likely go into any medical or surgical procedure facing a friend or family member fully expecting there to be no complications. If there are (and your loved one does not survive them), is wrongful death lawsuit an option open to you and others he or she left behind? 

Do "dangerous" toys really pose a threat to children?

In the weeks following the holiday season, toys piled high in the houses of families across the country. For some households, these products range in size and age category, and the boxes of many were likely discarded without second thought. Some of these toys, though, deserve a closer look due to their potential safety hazards. Should Texas parents have major concerns over the toys their children play with daily? While some are weary of media coverage on dangerous products, some experts would agree that not all toys on the market are safe.