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April 2018 Archives

Was a defective drug designed or manufactured incorrectly?

Every time you visit your local pharmacy in The Woodlands, you likely assume that every medication it fills or stocks its shelves with is perfectly safe for you and others to use. That belief might be reaffirmed by you seeing the seal of approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration printed on the label. Yet simply because a drug is approved by the FDA does not necessarily mean that it is safe. How is that possible? 

How often are surgical objects left inside patients?

Remember that commercial in which surgeons are apologizing to a patient for leaving a cell phone inside him? It kind of funny, right? It might surprise Texans to learn that there are thousands of similar incidents each year. They may not involve cell phones, but they do involve objects that certainly do not belong there.

Responsibililty for drunk driving extends beyond driver

When a person in Texas chooses to drink alcoholic beverages and then drive, they are consciously putting themselves and other people at risk. When this drinking takes place in a restaurant or bar where other people are involved in serving alcohol to those who may ultimately be driving, one cannot help but consider the potential role these restaurant and bar employees have in any accident that may ultimately take place.

Does self-driving car testing place Texas drivers at risk?

Texas readers know that self-driving technology is rapidly developing, with many companies already testing their models of computer-operated cars. While this may be exciting news for some, others have fears that these vehicles will not be completely safe. These fears may grow after the news of a recent fatal accident involving a pedestrian and a self-driving Uber vehicle.