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December 2017 Archives

What if you have been taking a recalled medication?

Stress almost always accompanies illness or injury, which makes having it lifted almost as sweet as the pain relief that comes when you take a prescription medication recommended by your doctor in The Woodlands. Yet it can immediately come roaring back if you happen to discover that the drug you are taking has been recalled. 

Survival actions explained

If your spouse, parent or child has been injured due to another's negligent actions (or inactions), you may be justified in pursuing compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Similar action may be warranted in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit if the aforementioned party's negligence results in your loved one's death. If, in the former scenario, you initiated legal action before your loved one died, does that differentiate your case from the latter? Several of those that we here at the Leigh Law Firm have worked with in The Woodlands have asked that very same question. 

Midlothian teen killed in Dallas car crash

Having to suffer through seeing a loved one killed or seriously injured in a car accident in the Woodlands is a heartbreaking tragedy. Some might say that any attempts to pursue legal action against those who caused such tragedies to be fruitless, as it cannot adequately compensate for the losses suffered. What is lost in this argument is the recognition that motor vehicle accidents can exact a heavy toll in medical bills, repair costs and other expenses. This may leave accident victims with little choice to seek compensation in order to be able to effectively deal with their post-accident challenges. 

Are airbag recalls a serious matter of concern?

It is common to see extensive media coverage on dangerous products such as toys or appliances -- typically, these news stories warn against defective toys that lose small parts, or dressers that unexpectedly tip over, causing injury or death. Needless to say, many Texans become skeptical and even fearful of these products -- often to an unnecessary degree. Yet one type of product liability issue that has recently been under immense spotlight is that of vehicle airbags.

Vision Zero: A hopeful plan for zero traffic deaths in Texas

Living close to Houston comes with all sorts of benefits, from great culture to delicious restaurants to shopping selections and more. Unfortunately, one of those benefits is not traffic safety. In fact, whether you're walking, biking or driving, Texas cities are some of the most dangerous places in the nation in which to do so.