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What if you have been taking a recalled medication?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Defective Drugs |

Stress almost always accompanies illness or injury, which makes having it lifted almost as sweet as the pain relief that comes when you take a prescription medication recommended by your doctor in The Woodlands. Yet it can immediately come roaring back if you happen to discover that the drug you are taking has been recalled. 

The different classifications of drug recalls have been shared on this blog before. According to historical data shared by The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, a vast majority of drug recalls (nearly 63 percent from 2004 through 2014) have fallen into the Class II category. These are substances which may cause temporary health consequences, yet for which the probability of experiencing serious health consequences is remote. Thus, if you do discover that you have been taking a recalled drug, you may relax knowing that the chances of your health being compromised are slim. 

Even still, you should treat the situation seriously. Health and pharmaceutical industry experts recommend that you do the following: 

  • Contact your doctor: Let him or her know if you are experiencing any ill effects from the drug, and see if there is an alternate medication that you could be taking. 
  • Visit the FDA’s website: There you will find information such as the reasons behind the drug recall as well as numbers for you to contact to help assuage your concerns. 
  • Dispose of the drug properly: Typically, the FDA’s website will provide instructions on safe disposal methods for the drug. 

You may also want to consider returning the drug (or the packaging that it came in) to the pharmacy that you purchased it from. In the case of a recall, they will typically issue you a refund.