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October 2013 Archives

Texas man dies in train accident, potential wrongful death suit

A fatal north Texas car crash in which a man was killed on his way to work is currently being investigated. The man was driving across railroad tracks when he was hit and killed by a train, and investigators are puzzled as to how this could have occurred. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the man's family may be able to file a wrongful death suit.

Texas auto accident with school bus and 18-wheeler injures 13

Last weekend, a crash occurred between a school bus and a transfer truck, and 13 people were injured and had to be transported to an area hospital. The bus was transporting middle school football players and two coaches, totaling 35 people. Texas police are still investigating the auto accident, but the tractor trailer has been cited for disregarding a four-way stop.

Texas motor vehicle accident critically injures motorcyclist

Earlier this week, a car and a motorcycle collided, which left one person critically injured and sent three people total to an area hospital for treatment. A 20-year-old Texas A&M student was driving a motorcycle when the crash occurred with another vehicle. Texas police are still investigating the serious motor vehicle accident.

Texas teen causes drunk driving accident that kills his friend

When an individual chooses to drive drunk, that person's chance of getting into a wreck greatly increases. The driver is at a much higher risk for getting himself hurt as well as hurting any passengers in his vehicle for which he is responsible. When transporting friends, a driver typically wants to make sure that he is being extra careful; however, alcohol impairs a driver's judgment. A Texas teenager has recently pleaded guilty causing a drunk driving accident that killed one of his friends and injured another.