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April 2015 Archives

Some say cameras help reduce number of Texas car accidents

A recent state senate bill was passed that affected a device that some Texas cities have been using to catch motorists who speed at intersections. Those who support the devices claim that since their implementation, the number of car accidents at red lights has been greatly reduced. Statistics have shown that the red-light cameras have had a positive effect on driving safety in many  cities across the state.

Victim with burn injuries remains in treatment, 2 others dead

Some Texas motor vehicle accidents result in personal injury to motorists and vehicle occupants who are involved in the collisions. When a vehicle catches fire in an accident, the injuries suffered can have long-lasting effects on a victim. A recent accident resulted in one victim being transported for emergency care after being pulled from a burning vehicle.

Woman killed in apparent wrongful death accident in Texas

A recent tragedy occurred in Texas that left one person dead and another facing criminal charges. The apparent wrongful death accident took place near midnight on a recent Thursday. Galveston police responded to the call in the 4100 block of Seawall Boulevard.

Athlete with spinal cord injury remains in ICU

In a state north of Texas, a young athlete continues to recover from a catastrophe he suffered during a recent incident. The hockey player suffered a spinal cord injury when he reportedly crashed into a portion of the ice rink during a championship playoff game. Though he remains hospitalized in an intensive care unit, updated information lists him in stable condition .

Fatal workplace accidents still common at Texas refineries

A recent article lamented the fact that, in the last decade, the number of accidents at U.S. oil refineries has barely decreased since a horrific tragedy occurred at a Texas refinery in 2005. Fatal workplace accidents remain a high risk, according to some who claim that profit often comes before safety in many of the nation's refineries. Some have stated that safety in refineries is purchased through injury and death.

Texas drunk driving accident leads to manslaughter charge

Texas police recently reported that they had been pursuing a driver who had caused a hit-and-run accident when he allegedly caused another tragedy less than 10 minutes later. The second collision resulted in one death and serious injuries to others. The man who is accused of causing the drunk driving accident was reported to have initially fled the scene.

Texas fatal accidents apparently on the rise in one county

Statistics are not necessary to understand that many serious collisions have occurred on Texas roadways this year. In El Paso County, more fatal accidents have been recorded, thus far, in 2015 than those listed during the same time last year. One crash resulted in a young man's death and a survivor's arrest under charges of intoxicated manslaughter.

Fatal Texas accident could be grounds for wrongful death suit

Area police responded to a fatal accident in the wee hours of a recent Sunday morning. The tragedy occurred on US-67 in eastern Texas. The wrong-way crash resulted in multiple deaths, as well as injuries to two survivors. Depending upon the circumstances, a case like this is sometimes grounds for a wrongful death claim.