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August 2015 Archives

When Texas residents suffer catastophic injuries

A person's life or that of a loved one can be devastated when a serious personal injury is suffered. It might be of comfort for Texas residents to know that there are legal professionals available in the area who are experienced in handling cases involving catastrophic injuries and who are dedicated to helping clients as they attempt to recover and heal, as well as seek retribution for damages. Helping people in such circumstances requires a balance of compassion and skilled experience. The Leigh Law Firm is one such place prepared to assist you with your legal needs.

VA center installs new machines for spine injury patients

In a veterans' medical center northeast of Texas, a federal credit union has teamed up with administration staff members to accommodate certain patients who have injured spinal cords. The recent project came after it was brought to the attention of credit union officials that a veteran with a spine injury might have difficulty accessing ATM machines in the building. The chairman of the Spinal Cord Injury Resident Council led the credit union's senior vice president on a tour to illustrate the point.

Texas spinal cord injury victims might choose to seek legal help

People in Texas who are seriously injured due to the negligence of others often face long-term complications that impede their ability to enjoy life. A spinal cord injury is one such type of serious injury, which can lead to loss of motor function, organ dysfunction and/or paralysis. It might be of comfort to those facing such circumstances to know that there are legal professionals in the area who have more than 14 years of experience helping clients obtain compensation through verdicts and settlements in spinal cord injury-related cases.