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October 2017 Archives

Will I beat a DUI charge after an accident if I have a low BAC?

In Texas, you can still be the subject of a conviction of DUI/DWI even if your blood alcohol concentration is below 0.08 percent. Further, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the ramifications and liability can be extremely serious.

Texas sees jump in auto fatalities in 2016

Texas residents who have been in a car crash personally or whose loved ones have been involved in a wreck know that even the simplest incident can result in serious and long-term consequences. Damage to vehicles or other property can be bad enough but the injuries that innocent people may experience are sometimes unthinkable. Even worse are the lives lost due to senseless and negligent decisions of drivers.

Evidence that can help prove a personal injury claim

When a person experiences a car accident, the initial shock can oftentimes mask injuries, leading to vital details being overlooked early on and affecting potential personal injury claims that may be filed in the state of Texas at a later date. There is a statute of limitations that allows a person some time to make a claim, but much of the evidence needs to be collected immediately following the incident as well as in the weeks, months and, in some cases, years after.

The chain of responsibility for your medication

When an advertisement for a medication comes on television, you may have noticed that the disclaimer at the end includes a long list of possibly alarming side effects. However, when you go to the doctor and a drug is recommended, these issues may seem less important compared to the ways the prescription may improve your health. We at The Leigh Law Firm understand that all medications have the potential for harm, and manufacturers, doctors and pharmacists have a responsibility to make sure you know what this includes.

The challenges of recovering from an amputation injury

You may not remember losing your first tooth or getting your first haircut, but for many children, these moments are traumatic. Although these events are perfectly natural and rarely painful, the loss of part of their bodies is something children seem to understand as frightening and wrong.