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January 2019 Archives

Seeking recompense that reflects the true nature of your injuries

The injuries you suffered in a Texas car accident can change your life in many ways. Serious or catastrophic injuries can leave you dealing with expenses, ongoing medical needs and emotional trauma. The aftermath is often expensive and complex, and it can be difficult to fight for the help and recovery you deserve on your own.

What are the 5 stages of grief?

While everyone’s journey is different, for many people grief takes a familiar route after suffering a loss. The 5 stages of grief often occur after the death of a loved one, and when it’s a sudden loss a person may have difficulty navigating the stages on their own. Psych Central offers the following information to help you cope with sudden, senseless death.

How can I keep my teen from driving while distracted?

Distracted driving poses a real risk to younger drivers. While bad driving habits are dangerous for all who share the road, new drivers lacking experience are particularly at risk of having an accident when their attention strays. That’s why parents must talk to their kids about preventing distracted driving, as explained by Geico.

What questions should you ask to prevent drug interactions

When you are prescribed a drug by your health care provider in Texas, chances are the prescription will be accompanied by instructions that will direct you how to safely and responsibly take the medicine to benefit you and reduce unwanted symptoms. Based on your medical history, allergies and other vital information, your doctor will give you specific instructions regarding dosage amounts and frequency. However, it is critical that you also ask questions to make sure you have all of the information you need to prevent potentially harmful drug interactions. 

Risks associated with Xarelto’s interactions

If you are in danger of having a stroke or heart attack in Texas, your doctor may prescribe a blood-thinning drug such as Xarelto. This type of medication saves lives by preventing blood clots that can clog arteries, but they also carry risks. At The Leigh Law Firm, our team of experienced attorneys often represents clients who have experienced severe injuries as a result of prescription drugs.