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February 2019 Archives

How a TBI can affect your cognition and your life

Anyone's life can change in an instant, and though you and most other Texas residents are likely well aware of that fact, you may not consider just how major certain changes could be or how fast that could come. One day you could have a successful career and enjoy playing sports, and the next, you may no longer have the ability to hold down a job or participate in activities you loved.

Can I sue for wrongful death if I am not related to the person?

Wrongful death laws vary greatly from state to state. When you can file this type of lawsuit suit and whether you can file the suit at all depends on the law of your state. In Texas, the right to file for wrongful death, according to the Texas Constitution and Statutes, is only available to close relatives.

How does the FDA fight defective drugs?

There are many things to worry about when it comes to your health. You have to put a lot of trust in your Texas doctor and other healthcare professionals that they will provide you with quality healthcare. You also have to trust that when they prescribe a drug that drug will help you and not harm you. However, there are times when you may run into a defective drug. This may pose many risks for you.

Can prescription drugs cause birth problems?

If you take prescription medication and are thinking of getting pregnant or are already pregnant, you should be aware of the potential health effect on your baby. Some drugs are known to cause serious health issues in unborn children, and these issues may lead to lasting complications and may even result in loss of life. March of Dimes offers the following information on prescription drugs and pregnancy, so you can take the proper steps to protect yourself and your child.

How can I improve my driving skills?

Driving in Texas can involve a lot of different situations and environments, from highway driving to traveling on residential roads. As a result, it’s important for all motorists to do their part to preserve safety on the road, which can benefit themselves and others. If you’d like to boost your driving skills, Business Insider offers the following tips.