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How does the FDA fight defective drugs?

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Defective Drugs |

There are many things to worry about when it comes to your health. You have to put a lot of trust in your Texas doctor and other healthcare professionals that they will provide you with quality healthcare. You also have to trust that when they prescribe a drug that drug will help you and not harm you. However, there are times when you may run into a defective drug. This may pose many risks for you.

However, you are not alone. You should always report any issues with your medication to your healthcare provider, but you also can rely on the FDA. The FDA tries to prevent any issues from occurring in the first place with defective drugs. It does this through requiring testing and imposing strict guidelines and regulations for drug manufacturers before they can put a drug on the market.

If you end up with a defective drug, the FDA steps in again. However, it needs your help. This agency relies heavily on you and health professionals to report issues with medications. The FDA cannot know what is happening with every drug on the market. So, if you have an issue, report it.

When the FDA learns about issues, it can then take the proper steps, such as issuing recalls, to help protect others and get that medication off the market. It will then require further testing and impose further regulations before that medication can go back on the market and be sold to people like you. This information is for education. It is not legal advice.