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July 2019 Archives

When a loved one passes away due to a medication

In recent years, many people have taken prescription drugs, as well as medication that is sold over the counter, for various health problems. Unfortunately, these drugs often carry a number of side effects, including side effects which may not have been disclosed. From new drugs that have not been thoroughly evaluated to negligent drug manufacturers, there are a variety of reasons why these drugs can be dangerous. Sadly, many people have passed away as a result of defective drugs or other problems related to medication that they took, while many others have suffered serious injuries that have disrupted their lives.

How can I move on after a loss?

Losing someone you love to a negligent or careless act is devastating. As a result, it can be difficult to deal with the grieving process after such a loss, especially when the person was an immediate family member, such as a spouse or a child. The Mayo Clinic offers the following advice on how to best cope with grief after a personal loss. The first step is to accept that the grieving process is completely normal. 

Speeding and its role in fatal auto accidents

Most people drive faster than the speed limit at some point. There are those individuals who do it because they have no regard for the posted limits. Some do it to keep up with the flow of traffic. Then, some end up driving faster than they should because they are dealing with a distraction. No matter the reason for it, speeding is a form of driver negligence and is often a contributing factor in fatal auto accidents.

How can swimming pool accidents be prevented?

A swimming pool can be a great addition to the home. However, pool owners must take the proper safety steps to prevent injuries and even drowning when their pool is being used. This is especially important when kids are involved, as young children face a serious risk of pool-related injuries when the proper safety measures aren't put in place. offers the following safety tips to ensure your kids and others remain safe this summer.