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November 2014 Archives

Texas man sentenced to probation in wrongful death case

Car accidents are typically the result of careless driving and negligence. Sometimes, car accidents are caused because of the loss of brakes or some other vehicle malfunction. This is true for one case in which a Texas man was sentenced for the wrongful death of a 54-year-old woman.

Texas woman injured in three-vehicle car accident seeks damages

Drivers who are cautious while on the road are less likely to experience a crash. This caution often allows them to avoid potential obstructions on the road. However, there are some things which cannot be controlled, such as other motorists' actions. One woman in Texas realized this after a car behind her failed to stop at a red light, causing a car accident.

Texas tractor-trailer driver charged in auto accident

When parents put their children on a school bus, they feel as if they are putting their children's lives in the hands of the bus driver. While this is normally the case, sometimes their children's lives end up in the hands of a complete stranger because of an auto accident the bus driver could do nothing to prevent. This was the case when a bus ride turned into a catastrophe on a recent Wednesday morning in Southeast Texas. 

Texas Angel Tours owner gets probation for wrongful death crash

Victim's family members are outraged because of a sentence that was handed down recently to the owner of a bus company. The Texas bus company owner was charged following a car accident that resulted in what could clearly be characterized as the wrongful death of 17 passengers. After a plea agreement, a federal judge ordered a sentence of three years of probation.