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Texas woman injured in three-vehicle car accident seeks damages

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Drivers who are cautious while on the road are less likely to experience a crash. This caution often allows them to avoid potential obstructions on the road. However, there are some things which cannot be controlled, such as other motorists’ actions. One woman in Texas realized this after a car behind her failed to stop at a red light, causing a car accident.

The crash happened in early December 2012 when the woman was on the road heading southbound. She was stopped at a red light when the driver behind her crashed into her vehicle. This caused the woman’s vehicle to be pushed into the car in front of her. Apparently, the driver that caused the rear-end collision failed to stop at the red light.

The woman suffered injuries as a result of the crash and is now looking for compensation. She has recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the driver that rear-ended her on the road. The plaintiff is accusing the defendant of negligence due to failing to avoid a collision by stopping or turning and also driving too fast.

The plaintiff is now asking the Texas court to order the defendant to reimburse her for damages resulting from the car accident. The woman is claiming a loss in earning capacity as a result of the incident. She is also asking to be reimbursed for medical costs, as well as legal expenses. The judge assigned to the case will look at the evidence presented in order to determine if the defendant was indeed negligent and whether he should be held financially responsible.

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