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March 2020 Archives

Car accident leaves 1 dead, 1 seriously injured

People generally understand that there are significant risks involved anytime they drive a car. Even so, they may not actually expect anything to happen to them or a loved one. An unexpected car accident can drastically impact a family's life as they try to not only deal with the emotional consequences but the financial and physical ones as well. A recent crash here in Texas has likely resulted in significant change to an entire family after one woman lost her life and a man suffered serious injuries.

Products liability: Is Amazon liable for defective products?

When people here in Texas buy something from what they believe is a reputable company, they trust that it is safe for them to use. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case, especially when a large corporation sells products from other sellers. In the past, it has been difficult to hold those larger companies liable for product defects. One current is challenging that idea, as a court decides whether the e-commerce giant, Amazon, can be held responsible in products liability claims for items it sells from third-party sellers.

Wrong-way motor vehicle accidents often prove fatal

People generally don't expect a car crash to happen to them. Even if they understand that it is statistically likely that they may be involved in motor vehicle accidents more than once in their lifetime, it usually isn't at the top of their mind. Unfortunately, car crashes are an all too common occurrence for many here in Texas. Certain types of accidents may even be more likely to result in someone's death. A recent wrong-way crash shows just how quickly a bad decision can have a devastating outcome.

A brain injury can change the lives of the entire family

If you are the parent, spouse or child of someone who has recently suffered a traumatic brain injury, you are probably looking for answers to your many questions. No matter how long the list of questions and uncertainties you may have, most of them probably boil down to this: What can I expect for my loved one's future?

Defective drugs: Carcinogen found in drug for diabetics

When people here in Texas receive a prescription from a medical professional, they trust that it is safe to use. Most drugs do exactly what they are meant to do and help patients with whatever illness or medical condition they may have. Unfortunately, other drugs may contain something harmful, whether that is because of improper testing, contamination or some other reason. Those defective drugs can cause serious harm to the patients who use them. This is what some officials allege about a popular drug used to treat diabetes, saying it contains a probable carcinogen.

Questions after car accident kills 1, injures another

Sometimes after a car crash, there is a clear answer about what caused the collision. There are times when a motor vehicle accident involves someone who was drinking and driving or someone who may have been driving recklessly. There are other instances when the reasons for a car accident aren't so clear. A recent crash here in Texas has left law enforcement with the job of determining exactly what happened in a crash that resulted in death and injury.