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Products liability: Is Amazon liable for defective products?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2020 | Products Liability |

When people here in Texas buy something from what they believe is a reputable company, they trust that it is safe for them to use. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, especially when a large corporation sells products from other sellers. In the past, it has been difficult to hold those larger companies liable for product defects. One current is challenging that idea, as a court decides whether the e-commerce giant, Amazon, can be held responsible in products liability claims for items it sells from third-party sellers.

The federal lawsuit stems from an accident a woman had with a defective product back in 2015. She ordered a dog leash through one of Amazon’s sellers that ended up snapping and hitting her in the eye, causing partial blindness. No one was able to locate the seller, so the woman filed a suit against Amazon. Other people say they’ve had similar experiences that have caused them life-long injury, and they want someone held responsible. 

The woman’s case went all the way to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which decided Amazon could be held liable. Amazon requested a rehearing before a full panel of judges, which will happen later this year. In the meantime, other similar claims against Amazon around the country are going forward because of the initial appeal, and other e-commerce companies are watching closely for the results.

No matter the circumstances, Texas victims should be able to hold responsible parties accountable for defective products. Anyone who has been injured by a defective product has the right to consult with an attorney regarding a possible products liability claim. A successful claim could result in monetary damages that a victim may need for treatment and possibly to compensate for lost future income.