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March 2018 Archives

Two-car collision kills Fort Worth woman

Almost everyone in The Woodlands can likely remember the first time they sat behind the wheel of a car as a brand new driver. Those who have gained significant driving experience since that time may be able to attest to the fact with the benefit of hindsight, they can now see how green they truly were in terms of driving ability in those early days. The only way for new drivers to gain the skills they need to become capable motorists is to drive. The risks their inexperience poses may simply be something that others on the road must accept. 

How can cognitive distraction cause car accidents?

If you are like many motorists in Texas and throughout the United States, you often have your cellphone close by while you are driving. Studies show, however, that talking on your cellphone while behind the wheel is extremely dangerous, even if you are using a hands-free cellular device. In fact, any type of cognitive distraction puts drivers at risk of becoming involved in a major car accident.

Who is to blame: the drug, your doctor or your pharmacist?

You and your loved ones take the medications that have been prescribed to you with full confidence that they will produce promised relief. However, there may be times when not only do you not see improvements, but your condition rapidly deteriorates. When this happens, it is almost certainly due to an adverse reaction to the drug. The question then becomes whose fault is it: the manufacturer of the drug, the doctor who prescribed, or the pharmacy in The Woodlands that filled it? 

What is statute of limitations for a wrongful death action?

Unexpectedly losing a loved one in The Woodlands can leave a massive void in your life. The hope is that with the passage of time, the emotional wounds that you and others affected by his or her death experienced will begin to heal. Those may become ripped open once again, however, if you later discover that his or her death was due to another's negligence. If and when this happens, you may certainly fill justified in seeking compensation for your loss. Yet can you? 

Food product dating explained

You or a family member is suddenly feeling sick. You subsequently discover that the package containing the food you included in your dinner a couple of days prior had passed its expiration date. This scenario is similar to others shared by many of the clients that we here at The Leigh Law Firm have worked with in the past. Like them, you may be questioning who is to blame. Is it your fault for using the food too late, or that of the grocer in The Woodlands for selling you nearly expired food? Or could the manufacturer be at fault?