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Two-car collision kills Fort Worth woman

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Almost everyone in The Woodlands can likely remember the first time they sat behind the wheel of a car as a brand new driver. Those who have gained significant driving experience since that time may be able to attest to the fact with the benefit of hindsight, they can now see how green they truly were in terms of driving ability in those early days. The only way for new drivers to gain the skills they need to become capable motorists is to drive. The risks their inexperience poses may simply be something that others on the road must accept. 

A teen driver was recently involved in a collision in Fort Worth that produced disastrous consequences (though authorities have yet to release who may have caused the accident). In fact, the only details of the collision that have released thus far are that the two vehicles involved collided in an intersection (whether they were traveling intersecting or opposite directions was not reported). The teen was able to avoid sustaining any major injuries in the crash; unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the occupants of the other vehicle. The driver died shortly after being transported to local hospital, while her passenger was also injured. 

The damages that result from fatal collisions may require one to seek compensation from those who caused them. If that is a teen driver, victims may have little hope of receiving any sort of assistance. If it is shown, however, that the teen’s parents or guardians entrusted him or her with their knowing of his or her inexperience (or any reckless tendencies he or may have demonstrated), they might be held liable. Those needing to pursue a liability case following a car accident may wish to enlist the help of an attorney. 

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