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February 2020 Archives

2 dead after head-on car accident

When a family loses a loved one to a car crash, they may struggle emotionally and financially. Such an unexpected event is not only heartbreaking for the people who cared about the victim, it can cause them significant financial strain, both because of the costs incurred due to the accident and possibly because of a loss of the victim's income. This could be the case for two Texas families after a recent car accident took two lives

Cement spill blamed for crash in possible wrongful death

Car crashes can have many different causes, but when they prove fatal, it is especially important to determine what happened. When a crash happens because a driver or a company that owns a vehicle was negligent, filing a wrongful death claim may be a necessary result. This is what Texas authorities are attempting to determine after a recent crash took the lives of two drivers. The incident, officials say, may have been caused by wet cement spilled on the roadway.

Wrongful death case possible after DUI-related car crash

A car accident under any circumstance is an upsetting event. When it results in a fatality, it is all the more tragic, particularly when it seems that the crash may have been preventable. Some families make the choice to pursue a civil wrongful death claim in that instance. This option may be available to one Texas family after a woman died in a car crash that may have involved intoxicated driving.

Wrongful death: Car accident leaves officials with questions

Losing a loved one may be difficult no matter the circumstances, but it can be particularly painful when the person dies because of someone else's negligence. Those left behind may struggle to come to terms with what happened and may even have financial struggles that only add to their anguish. They may need to file a wrongful death civil claim to try to ease that strain. This could be the case in the death of two Texas residents who were in a pickup truck that was hit by a large commercial truck.