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Wrongful death case possible after DUI-related car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

A car accident under any circumstance is an upsetting event. When it results in a fatality, it is all the more tragic, particularly when it seems that the crash may have been preventable. Some families make the choice to pursue a civil wrongful death claim in that instance. This option may be available to one Texas family after a woman died in a car crash that may have involved intoxicated driving.

According to police, the incident happened on a recent late evening. Authorities allege that an SUV traveling on local roads ran into another vehicle. The woman driving the second car died and a passenger in that same vehicle was injured. The SUV driver suffered minor injuries. There is no word on the current condition of the injured passenger.

Police haven’t stated how they determined that the SUV driver was intoxicated. He sought treatment at a local hospital, but after being discharged, officers charged him with several crimes. They included intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle, intoxication assault with a vehicle causing serious bodily injury and evading arrest or detention. Furthermore, officials claim that the SUV driver was convicted of driving while intoxicated 12 years ago.

Even if the driver of the SUV is cleared of all criminal charges, the family of the woman who died may have other recourse. Those in a similar position could file a wrongful death civil claim as a way of seeking to hold those responsible financially accountable. An accomplished attorney here in Texas with knowledge of personal injury claims can be an invaluable resource for those with questions.