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January 2014 Archives

Wrongful death suit filed by Texas woman against Bush's Chicken

A Texas woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bush's Chicken for the death of her husband. The woman's husband was diagnosed with Campylobacter poisoning shortly after eating the restaurant's chicken strips and eventually died. Campylobacter is a bacteria found mostly in poultry. If the poultry is undercooked, it can cause severe illnesses and infections. The woman claims her husband's wrongful death was due to eating the improperly cooked chicken.

Drunk Driving accidents increasing in Central Texas

In Austin, Texas, drunk driving accidents have increased over the past few years. In 2012, the Austin police department reported 33 drunk driving accidents. In 2013, they hit 33 accidents within the first three months of the year. The final numbers for 2013 have not been reported yet. Experts are expecting those numbers to climb more in 2014.

Teen still smiling 8 years after car accident

A Texas man will have a new reason to smile 8 years after being in a tragic car accident. The car accident left him paralyzed and unable to speak. With high school graduation approaching, his high school has put together a fundraiser to provide the young man with a graduation gift. They are raising money to help the family buy things for his daily needs and purchase a wheel-chair accessible van.

Wrongful death lawsuit against City of Marshall police officers

In January 2013, a Texas man died when police officers allegedly Tasered him to death. His family is now filing a wrongful death lawsuit against those officers and the city of Marshall. They claim that the police officers used excessive force when they used a Taser gun to subdue the man, which resulted in his death.

Drunk driving accident in Texas results in fatality and injury

Despite all the education that is out there about not drinking and driving, so many people still choose to do it, believing they are fine and nothing will happen to them. It is this attitude that has resulted in lost lives and serious injuries to countless others. Recently, an alleged drunk driving accident in Texas resulted in the fatalities of two people and left several others with life-altering injuries.