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June 2020 Archives

Questions after serious injury motor vehicle accident

When a car crash involving multiple vehicles occurs, investigators may have a difficult time determining exactly what happened. This could be the case with a recent motor vehicle accident involving three cars. Authorities say that a Texas woman is now fighting for her life as a result and they are working to figure out the details of the crash.

Defective drug: Recalled thyroid drug could have harmful effect

Patients in Texas often rely on necessary medicine to manage chronic conditions. Without it, their quality of life could drastically decrease, or, in extreme cases, they could die. It is also crucial that their medicine works as it is meant to as defective drugs can be just as dangerous as not taking a drug at all. In other cases, a drug could do irreparable harm by being mislabeled. This is the worry of Acella Pharmaceuticals, a drug company that recently issued a recall for a thyroid medication it produces that may contain more medicine than needed.

Motor vehicle accident: 3 dead, 2 injured in crash

Texas police say they are still working to determine the circumstances of a recent crash that took the lives of three people. A motor vehicle accident like this one may require extensive investigation to understand what happened, and even then, the victims' families may not get all the answers that they seek. For now, what is certain is that this tragedy has changed the lives of those who cared for the victims

DUI blamed in motor vehicle accident resulting in 3 deaths

When people consume alcohol, it is important that they do so responsibly and not get behind the wheel of a car. Drunk drivers have an increased risk of causing a motor vehicle accident and they present a danger to anyone they may encounter while out on the road. These types of crashes should never happen, but sadly, they do all too often. A driver here in Texas was recently blamed for the deaths of three people in a crash after police say that he was driving under the influence of alcohol.