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Questions after serious injury motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When a car crash involving multiple vehicles occurs, investigators may have a difficult time determining exactly what happened. This could be the case with a recent motor vehicle accident involving three cars. Authorities say that a Texas woman is now fighting for her life as a result and they are working to figure out the details of the crash.

Authorities say that the collision happened on a recent weekday early in the evening. A pickup truck driving north on local roads allegedly struck a passenger vehicle heading west at an intersection. Officials say that the two vehicles continued north after the initial impact and hit another pickup truck. 

The two pickup truck drivers were not injured, but the driver of the passenger vehicle suffered serious injuries. She had to be rushed to a nearby hospital, but was subsequently airlifted to another.  Officers closed the roadway to traffic for several hours while they conducted their investigation.

Police say that they are still working to figure out how the crash occurred. They have not publicly stated whether they believe there were any contributing factors in the crash, such as excessive speeding or intoxicated driving. They also have not announced whether any criminal charges will be filed in connection with this collision. 

If officials determine that the first pickup truck driver is to blame for the crash, he could face criminal charges. However, even if that doesn’t happen, the injured woman may be able to file a personal injury claim against him or any other parties deemed responsible for the motor vehicle accident. Those here in Texas facing a similar scenario may want to consult an attorney to determine what options may be available to them.