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Motor vehicle accident: 3 dead, 2 injured in crash

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Texas police say they are still working to determine the circumstances of a recent crash that took the lives of three people. A motor vehicle accident like this one may require extensive investigation to understand what happened, and even then, the victims’ families may not get all the answers that they seek. For now, what is certain is that this tragedy has changed the lives of those who cared for the victims

Officials say that the crash happened on a recent evening on a state highway. A car containing four people was reportedly headed west when it encountered another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. That second car allegedly veered into the oncoming westbound lane for unknown reasons, causing the first vehicle to swerve into the eastbound lane, to presumably avoid a collision. Unfortunately, authorities say that the second car moved back into its original eastbound lane, causing it to crash into the first. 

The drivers of both vehicles were injured and had to be rushed from the scene for medical attention. The three passengers in the first car were all pronounced dead at the crash site. Police say that they haven’t determined why the crash occurred, though sometimes with similar accidents, there are mitigating factors. Officials have not yet commented on whether the driver in the second car may have been impaired or distracted by a cellphone.

If police determine that the second driver is indeed to blame for the motor vehicle accident, he or she could be subject to criminal charges. However, that may not be the only means of holding that driver accountable. The victims’ families could decide to file a wrongful death claim which could result in monetary damages that may be useful in covering any expenses related to the crash. Those with questions may want to consult an attorney here in Texas with experience in this area of the law.