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April 2014 Archives

Car accident involving taxi kills 4 people

A Texas family who was set to take a cruise departing from Galveston became victims of a horrific car accident. On a recent Saturday morning, a car drifted into oncoming traffic and crashed into a taxi minivan, killing four people. Two victims from the car accident were later listed as being in critical condition, and one woman was less seriously injured.

Man accused of drunk driving develops safe ride program

A former Texas Tech college student has been sent to prison for drunk driving and killing a young woman. While he was out on bail prior to his prison sentence, he set up a program to help students avoid being in drunk driving situations like he was. His hope is that this program will prevent other students from making the same mistakes he made.

Apparent drunk driving accident kills driver close to home

Driving as enormous and cumbersome a vehicle as an 18-wheeler often requires a tremendous amount of skill on the driver's part. Additionally, with several known blind spots on this type of vehicle, it is imperative that the driver be astute and focused on the task at hand. Sadly, the driver of an 18-wheeler caused what was apparently a drunk driving accident in Texas after reportedly failing to stop at a red light.

Wrongful death lawsuit dropped against 2 Texas officers

The wrongful death charges against to two Texas polices officers have been dropped. The grand jury on the case decided to drop the wrongful death charges after it was determined that what the police officers did in the heat of the moment that ended up killing a man was justified. They had shot the armed man to protect themselves and the community.