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May 2019 Archives

Are drug expiration dates important?

When faced with an expired drug, many people wonder whether it's necessary to discard the medication. After all, medicine can be expensive and you might not use all of it before it reaches its date of expiration. In this case, Harvard Health Publishing offers the following information on drug expirations and what they mean to consumers. 

Are trampolines dangerous?

Backyard trampolines are a great source of fun for kids in Texas. However, trampolines are well known amongst ER doctors, as they often lead to broken bones, lacerations, and many other injuries. Statistics show that a variety of trampoline injuries are quite common when kids take part.

All types of skull fractures are serious

Most people hope to get through their lives without suffering any major injuries. For many individuals, they are lucky enough to go through life without such trauma, but unfortunately, for you, that was not the case. You may have found yourself involved in a serious car accident that changed your life forever.