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Common injuries among retail workers

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2024 | Injuries |

Working in retail can be physically demanding. This can put retail workers at risk of suffering from a variety of injuries.

Learning more about the potential injuries can help workers and employers take steps to prevent them.

Musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders can occur from lifting heavy objects, repetitive motions or working in awkward positions. Retail workers have to stock shelves, move merchandise and stand for long periods, which can contribute to MSDs. To prevent these injuries, workers should use proper lifting techniques, take regular breaks and use equipment, such as dollies or carts, to move heavy items.

Fall injuries

Retail jobs often require workers to climb ladders and stock items on high shelves. This opens the door for fall injuries. On top of this, flooring is often slippery and with customers coming and out, the chances of wet floors are high. This could invite slip-and-fall accidents. Creating a safe environment can help to minimize the risk of these issues. Workers should follow safe ladder use practices, clean up spills or wetness promptly and wear appropriate footwear with good traction.

Cuts and lacerations

Retail workers often handle sharp objects, such as box cutters or broken glass. This increases the risks of cuts and lacerations. Using caution when handling sharp objects and wearing protective gloves when necessary can help reduce the chance of these injuries.

Ergonomic injuries

Workers may also be at risk of ergonomic injuries from repetitive tasks. Duties such as scanning items at a checkout counter or using a computer for long periods can easily lead to pain. Workers should take regular breaks, vary their tasks and use ergonomic equipment, such as adjustable chairs and keyboards.

While the retail environment may not seem dangerous at first glance, there are many hazards for workers. Keeping aware and on top of safety can help to keep the workplace safe for everyone.