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August 2018 Archives

Defining loss of consortium

Many in The Woodlands may question the merit of one filing a wrongful death lawsuit given that such action is not likely to truly compensate for the loss that he or she suffered. There may be a grain of truth in that logic; wrongful death actions are indeed meant to deliver compensation. Yet while filling the emotional void left by a loved one may indeed be impossible, the law does allow those ruling on such an action to attempt to do so by awarding noneconomic damages. 

Complications linked to vaginal mesh result in lawsuit

Vaginal mesh is a medical device that is commonly used to treat urinary incontinence in women. While this procedure is touted as safe, the fact remains that numerous women have experienced significant complications, including debilitating pain and discomfort. These effects are so serious that some women have even elected to file lawsuits claiming citing negligent medical care.

How can I be a better driver?

It’s up to all Texas motorists to drive safely. This entails following the laws, being courteous, and taking care to make safe driving a priority at all times. Even if you’ve been driving for a number of years, the following tips from Business Insider can help your refresh your memory and improve your driving ability.

Can you sue for experiencing drug side effects?

You expect that after taking the prescription medication that you picked up from your pharmacy in the Woodlands, you will begin to feel better. Yet after taking it, another health issue (seemingly unrelated) makes you feel even worse. What you are experiencing is a side effect, and it common with prescription drugs. The reason side effects happen is two-fold: first, medications work by suppressing certain natural reactions and bodily systems, which can produce outcomes other than treating your condition. The second reason behind drug side effects is due to the fact that everyone reacts to drugs slightly differently. Yet while drug side effects are common (and often even expected), the question is whether you are able to hold a drug manufacturer liable for having experienced them.