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September 2018 Archives

Recovering from an electrical shock

When the weather gets particularly dry in Texas, you experience an electrical charge when you get out of your car or reach for a light switch. You may see sparks and feel a pinch at the moment of contact. While most of the time the jolt that comes from static electricity is more of a surprise, if enough energy builds up, you may feel genuine pain from the shock.

What should I know about prescription drug recalls?

While all medications in the United States are rigorously tested before their release, problems can still arise once they’re in wider use. In this case, a drug recall may be enacted, either by the manufacturer or the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. WebMD explains why drugs can be recalled and what you can do if a drug you take on a regular basis is suddenly removed from the market.

Accident risks while driving a rental

Any time you are driving a vehicle, you may face a number of risks that could increase the chances of an accident. However, there are certain instances when driving can be especially dangerous. Aside from bad weather and hectic traffic, some drivers may be more likely to find themselves in a motor vehicle collision while driving a rental car for a number of reasons. If you regularly rent vehicles or plan on driving a rental for the first time, it is important to be aware of these risks while behind the wheel.

What can I do when involved in a hit and run?

Even the safest Texas drivers might find themselves involved in a hit and run. In this case, the actions that you take immediately following the accident can have a huge impact on the outcome. State Farm offers the following advice in this case, which will help you preserve your safety while also taking steps towards bringing the guilty party to justice.

Get The Facts On Distracted Driving

Every day drivers in Texas and all over the nation are involved in accidents resulting from distracted driving. While younger drivers are particularly at risk, people of all ages participate in the dangerous behavior, whether it involves use of a mobile device or taking your mind off the task at hand. The following information illustrates just how dangerous these behaviors can be and why it’s the responsibility of all drivers to see that they stop.