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November 2019 Archives

Potentially unsafe medications could prompt products liability

The popularity of discount count stores such as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar show there is a need for low-cost options. Unfortunately, these chains may resort to foreign suppliers in an effort to pass on cost savings. Purportedly, some of the medications these chains carry could pose a risk to the health of consumers here in Texas and elsewhere. This issue could potentially provide a basis for injured consumers to file products liability claims in order to pursue recovery of monetary damages incurred.

Texas marks sad anniversary of fatal motor vehicle accidents

Anniversaries are typically marked to celebrate happy milestones. Unfortunately, not every anniversary is a reason to celebrate, especially when such a date marks the passing of a loved one. It was recently noted that, in Texas, there have now been 19 consecutive years of daily motor vehicle accidents that have taken at least one life.

Could products liability extend to second-hand market items?

In today's marketplace, there are a variety of ways to purchase consumer goods. One of the most popular commerce options is the second-hand market. Texas consumers are urged to beware of these types of purchases, since many of the items up for sale may have been the subject of a products liability civil suit.

Fatal drunk driving crashes could lead to wrongful death claim

The decision to drink and drive is seldom made with any evil intentions. Unfortunately, when one is impaired by alcohol or other intoxicating substances, it may be nearly impossible to make correct split-second decisions to avoid causing a horrific car accident. Sadly, those who lose loved ones in a Texas car accident under these preventable circumstances may have to resort to filing a wrongful death civil suit in order to recover some of the financial damages that have been inflicted.