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Fatal drunk driving crashes could lead to wrongful death claim

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

The decision to drink and drive is seldom made with any evil intentions. Unfortunately, when one is impaired by alcohol or other intoxicating substances, it may be nearly impossible to make correct split-second decisions to avoid causing a horrific car accident. Sadly, those who lose loved ones in a Texas car accident under these preventable circumstances may have to resort to filing a wrongful death civil suit in order to recover some of the financial damages that have been inflicted.

Recently, a female driver was arrested and charged with drunk driving after causing a fatal crash along Interstate 35. According to Texas police, a vehicle was rendered inoperable after a motorist collided with a construction barrier. As the driver of that vehicle waited for assistance, another car, being driven by a 25-year-old female, approached from behind. For reasons that are yet unclear, the disabled car was struck forcefully from the rear by the woman’s vehicle.

The force of the collision dislodged the motorist from his seat, and his body was propelled onto the surface of the roadway. There, his body was struck by oncoming traffic. Texas officials charged the woman with intoxicated manslaughter.

The victim’s family is understandably devastated by this horrific crash. Along with their grief and physical loss, they may also struggle with the monetary burdens that are often caused by a sudden and unexpected death of a loved one. In these types of tragic circumstances, an experienced attorney can provide sound legal counsel and guidance with filing a successful wrongful death civil suit, which may be able to provide financial compensation to surviving family members.