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October 2019 Archives

Warning from agency could lead to new products liability suits

The American Academy of Pediatrics frequently updates its recommendations for ensuring that parents always provide the most appropriate sleeping environments for their infants. For that reason, parents are cautioned to use only safe equipment when laying their children down for naps and bedtimes. Though many Texas parents were likely aware of the recent recall of inclined infant sleeping seats, a new warning was recently issued by Consumer Reports that could eventually lead to new products liability filings.

Tired truckers more prone to cause motor vehicle accidents

When a person is too tired to drive safely, he or she may display behaviors often seen in drunk drivers. This includes swerving, driving at erratic speeds, driving on the wrong side of the road and much more. When the fatigued individual is behind the wheel of a large semi-trailer or commercial vehicle, fatal motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur. 

Acute compartment syndrome is a serious, catastrophic injury

Perhaps you were traveling a route you take nearly every day. Before you knew it, you were spinning, flipping or otherwise thrown around in the cabin of your vehicle with no control over your body. By the time those few seconds passed and your vehicle came to a stop, it may have registered that you were in an accident.

Products liability claims for customers hurt by dangerous items

Consumers who purchase goods and furniture for their homes assume that the products will safely serve the purpose for which they were intended. Unfortunately, some products fail to perform in the expected manner and could cause serious harm to consumers. Anyone in Texas who suffers injuries may have grounds to file a products liability claim.

High-speed collision in Fort Worth leaves woman dead

It can be difficult to tackle issue of car accident liability in the immediate aftermath of a collision in The Woodlands. Yet the damages and expenses that accident victims are often left to deal with may make having such a discussion necessary. What can be really challenging is when claims of liability are thrown between the occupants of the same vehicle. Typically, people assume that it is up to the driver to ensure the safety of all of their passengers. Yet drivers may just as easily argue that adult passengers should be tasked with seeing to their own well-being. 

What is negligent entrustment?

When you have been involved in a car accident in The Woodlands, you typically understand that what happened was just that: an accident. Thus, your first impulse may not be to try and assign blame. Yet the expenses that result from your accident may place you in a position of needing to consider a liability claim. What is more, your frustration over the entire incident might build when you discover that not only did that driver that hit you have a poor driving history, but that even with that knowledge, someone gave them access to their vehicle.