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Warning from agency could lead to new products liability suits

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Products Liability |

The American Academy of Pediatrics frequently updates its recommendations for ensuring that parents always provide the most appropriate sleeping environments for their infants. For that reason, parents are cautioned to use only safe equipment when laying their children down for naps and bedtimes. Though many Texas parents were likely aware of the recent recall of inclined infant sleeping seats, a new warning was recently issued by Consumer Reports that could eventually lead to new products liability filings.

Consumer Reports recently investigated the use of in-bed infant sleepers. These devices are used in or beside an adult bed for parents who wish to have their infant close at hand during bed and nap times. Unfortunately, the report found that an estimated 12 children have died after sleeping in one of these products. Furthermore, Consumer Reports found that the manufacturers of these types of sleepers are not required to follow any federal safety guidelines. 

Purportedly, there is a risk of a suffocation death if a child rolls over into the soft material along the sides and is unable to freely breathe. Three different products were involved in these deaths. One of the manufacturers elected not to comment on the report. The other two stated that any infant deaths were unrelated to the use of the products in question and that underlying factors were the cause. 

Consumer Reports encourages parents to avoid any infant products that are not up to federal safety requirements. In addition, it recommends that parents avoid the use of any in-bed sleepers or similar products in order to avoid the risks they may pose to an infant. Texas residents who have lost a loved one or suffered serious injuries through the proper use of any consumer product do have recourse for compensation. An experienced attorney can provide guidance in filing a products liability civil lawsuit against the parties deemed liable for their damages.