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Potentially unsafe medications could prompt products liability

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Products Liability |

The popularity of discount count stores such as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar show there is a need for low-cost options. Unfortunately, these chains may resort to foreign suppliers in an effort to pass on cost savings. Purportedly, some of the medications these chains carry could pose a risk to the health of consumers here in Texas and elsewhere. This issue could potentially provide a basis for injured consumers to file products liability claims in order to pursue recovery of monetary damages incurred.

The Food and Drug Administration contacted the head offices of several of these discount chains to inform them of the findings of its investigations. According to the report, inspections of some of the facilities that provide medications sold by these stores failed to meet safety and health standards. At one plant, inspectors reportedly found rodent droppings, though it is unclear whether there was any confirmed contamination to the products. 

The FDA has repeatedly sent a warning to the Dollar Tree corporation over concerns of the safety of its over-the-counter medications. An inspection of stores by reporters found that the product line, Assured, was readily available for purchase by customers. Consumers who were informed of the potential hazard posed by these remedies expressed concerns about the potential consequences of using these products. They hoped the stores would discontinue the merchandise or face closure for failing to take proactive measures to protect public health.

Officials affiliated with the Dollar Tree company expressed its concerns over the issue and announced that it would contact the federal agency in the near future to discuss its proposed response. The FDA could take legal measures to force the company to comply with federal laws requiring product testing. Texas residents who have been harmed by the proper use of any consumer product often sustain monetary damages as well. They may have recourse to pursue recovery of their documented monetary damages through a products liability lawsuit.