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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

18-year-old suspected in Texas drunk driving accident

A motorcyclist remains in a Texas hospital in the aftermath of a recent collision. The incident is suspected to be a drunk driving accident that occurred near a local intersection in Wichita Falls. Tragically, the victim required amputation of a limb in order to survive his injuries.

Texas drunk driving accident leads to manslaughter charge

Texas police recently reported that they had been pursuing a driver who had caused a hit-and-run accident when he allegedly caused another tragedy less than 10 minutes later. The second collision resulted in one death and serious injuries to others. The man who is accused of causing the drunk driving accident was reported to have initially fled the scene.

Texas group honors those killed in drunk driving accidents

A recent ceremony was held to honor a victim who was killed in a 2006 tragedy. The mother of the young woman joined forces with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, who said that it provides crosses free of charge for those who wish to mark the sites of drunk driving accidents which have taken the lives of loved ones. The mother and others gathered to place a cross at the scene of the crash to honor the young student whose life ended abruptly eight years ago.

Victim, 8, of alleged drunk driving accident succumbs to injuries

A moment in time in the year 2009 changed one family's life forever. The then 2-year-old son of a Texas couple suffered severe brain injury in an incident which led to drunk driving charges. The next six years were spent caring for the baby, who remained in a vegetative state and suffered damage in 80 percent of his brain after his family's vehicle was hit from behind by a driver later charged with having been intoxicated. Sadly, the journey of care for this young boy came to an end on a recent Sunday when he passed away due to his injuries.

Texas man dies in drunk driving accident

A man was killed in a recent accident that occurred in the Houston area. He was a victim in an apparent drunk driving accident, and, according to Texas police, the other driver left the scene. A woman, who saw the crash, comforted the victim as he was dying.

Criminal charges likely after Texas drunk driving accident

Most people who have never experienced the death of a child likely cannot fully imagine the pain and anguish of such a tragedy. One woman in Texas is coping with this pain after a fatal accident took the life of not only her son, but also her husband. Police have indicated that the driver believed to have caused the alleged drunk driving accident will likely face criminal charges as a result.

Texas man hospitalized, facing drunk driving charges

A Texas man is facing charges after apparently causing a drunk driving accident on a Texas highway in the early morning. The authorities received a report around 5 a.m. on a recent Sunday about a vehicle headed in the wrong direction on the highway. A few minutes later, while the officers were still being dispatched to the scene, the SUV collided with a pickup truck. Fortunately, there were no casualties, though sheriff's deputies indicated that it was a drunk driving accident.

Man loses life in drunk driving accident in Texas

A man recently lost his life in Texas after allegedly being struck by a drunk driver. The woman believed to have killed him in the drunk driving accident was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Although the man’s family members may find satisfaction in learning that the woman faces criminal charges, this may still not be enough for them as they cope with the loss of their loved one.

The effects of drunk driving accidents on children

A 2014 national study across all states, including Texas, show that most children who die in car accidents are often the victims of drunk driving accidents. Researchers recently wrote about the risks children faced when riding in cars. From 2001 through 2010, they studied traffic safety data across the nation that involved kids under the age of 15 years old that were killed in drunk driving accidents.

Remembering victims of drunk driving

The promising life of a woman from Texas changed forever when she was involved in a drunk driving accident. The accident happened 14 years ago when she was a high school senior. Today she is still going through therapy and recovering from her injuries. Recently, she and the members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) participated in a march silently around the Capitol to honor the victims of drunk driving.