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Posts tagged "Motor Vehicle Accidents"

Inattentive drivers a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents

Holidays are a perfect time for family and friends to gather together to celebrate and spend time. Unfortunately, these special occasions also lead to heavier traffic and more than a few serious motor vehicle accidents. Texas officials respond to numerous calls concerning crashes during the travel days, both before and after major holidays such as Thanksgiving.

Texas marks sad anniversary of fatal motor vehicle accidents

Anniversaries are typically marked to celebrate happy milestones. Unfortunately, not every anniversary is a reason to celebrate, especially when such a date marks the passing of a loved one. It was recently noted that, in Texas, there have now been 19 consecutive years of daily motor vehicle accidents that have taken at least one life.

Tired truckers more prone to cause motor vehicle accidents

When a person is too tired to drive safely, he or she may display behaviors often seen in drunk drivers. This includes swerving, driving at erratic speeds, driving on the wrong side of the road and much more. When the fatigued individual is behind the wheel of a large semi-trailer or commercial vehicle, fatal motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur. 

High-speed collision in Fort Worth leaves woman dead

It can be difficult to tackle issue of car accident liability in the immediate aftermath of a collision in The Woodlands. Yet the damages and expenses that accident victims are often left to deal with may make having such a discussion necessary. What can be really challenging is when claims of liability are thrown between the occupants of the same vehicle. Typically, people assume that it is up to the driver to ensure the safety of all of their passengers. Yet drivers may just as easily argue that adult passengers should be tasked with seeing to their own well-being. 

What is negligent entrustment?

When you have been involved in a car accident in The Woodlands, you typically understand that what happened was just that: an accident. Thus, your first impulse may not be to try and assign blame. Yet the expenses that result from your accident may place you in a position of needing to consider a liability claim. What is more, your frustration over the entire incident might build when you discover that not only did that driver that hit you have a poor driving history, but that even with that knowledge, someone gave them access to their vehicle. 

What are the symptoms of PTSD?

It's possible to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a very bad car accident, especially if severe injuries or loss of life was involved. Getting the proper treatment for this medical disorder is crucial, as it can have a lasting impact on a person's mind and behavior. The following information will help you determine whether you're experiencing PTSD so you can take the rights steps to get the appropriate treatment. 

Motorcycle accidents and burn injuries

Victims of motorcycle crashes may have a number of hardships to work through, from those which affect them in a financial way to broken bones and mental trauma. There are a lot of other hardships that these victims may have to endure, however, and every accident can bring unique challenges. For example, some people suffer severe burns in a motorcycle accident, and there are many different ways that the victims of these accidents can sustain a serious burn.

Motorcycle accidents and loud music

From slick road conditions due to heavy rain to traffic congestion and aggressive drivers, there are a plethora of reasons why motorcycle collisions occur. However, it is important for motorcyclists to be aware of some of the less common hazards that they may encounter on the road, such as loud music. Not only can loud music increase the chances of those driving larger vehicles hitting a motorcyclist, but motorcyclists who play loud music may also be more likely to find themselves in a crash.

Facial scarring due to a car crash

Many different physical, mental and financial challenges can arise when a motor vehicle collision occurs, such as a broken bone, a victim having a hard time paying hospital bills or depression. In some instances, all of these hardships are intertwined, and they can make it very difficult for victims to move forward in life. Some auto accident consequences, such as facial scarring, are overlooked by others. However, facial injuries which result in scarring can be very debilitating for victims on both a physical and emotional level.

The long-term consequences of a bike accident

When someone is involved in a bicycle accident on the road, their life may be turned upside down and they may struggle with a number of immediate consequences that affect them, such as medical expenses, injuries that take months to recover from and emotional challenges. Sometimes, people are able to make a full recovery after a bicycle accident, but some victims are not as fortunate. Sadly, many people who are involved in bicycle accidents face a plethora of long-term consequences, whether they are financial, physical or emotional in nature.