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Posts tagged "Motor Vehicle Accidents"

How can I improve my driving skills?

Driving in Texas can involve a lot of different situations and environments, from highway driving to traveling on residential roads. As a result, it’s important for all motorists to do their part to preserve safety on the road, which can benefit themselves and others. If you’d like to boost your driving skills, Business Insider offers the following tips.

How can I keep my teen from driving while distracted?

Distracted driving poses a real risk to younger drivers. While bad driving habits are dangerous for all who share the road, new drivers lacking experience are particularly at risk of having an accident when their attention strays. That’s why parents must talk to their kids about preventing distracted driving, as explained by Geico.

Plan ahead this holiday season

For many people in Texas, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years comes with merriment and time with family and friends. It is also fueled with an excess of alcohol, whether it is a big office party, a neighborhood get-together or an intimate gathering of friends. Some who normally do not drink excessively may find themselves imbibing more than normal, and if they get behind the wheel it can have disastrous results for them and for others on the road. The key to prevent DUI arrests and serious accidents is to make a plan before going out.

How can I drive safely on the highway?

Many motorists in Texas will travel great distances this holiday season. That can mean a lot of highway driving, which can pose a risk to motorists if they don’t take the proper precautions. The following tips from Nationwide are crucial in this case so that you and your family make it to your destination safe and sound.

Describing the duty to render aid in Texas

Should one randomly question a sampling of drivers regarding what they should do after being in a car accident in The Woodlands, most would likely state that they are obligated to remain at the scene. Yet while most believe this to be due to a need to share one's insurance and vehicle information with both authorities and other accident victims, one of the primary reasons behind requiring motorists involved in an accident to remain at the scene is to provide aid. 

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a common injury for motorists involved in car accidents. In some cases, the effects of whiplash can be severe, and can prevent a crash victim from earning a living for a period of time. The Mayo Clinic offers information on whiplash, so you can take the proper treatment steps if it happens to you.

Accident risks while driving a rental

Any time you are driving a vehicle, you may face a number of risks that could increase the chances of an accident. However, there are certain instances when driving can be especially dangerous. Aside from bad weather and hectic traffic, some drivers may be more likely to find themselves in a motor vehicle collision while driving a rental car for a number of reasons. If you regularly rent vehicles or plan on driving a rental for the first time, it is important to be aware of these risks while behind the wheel.

What can I do when involved in a hit and run?

Even the safest Texas drivers might find themselves involved in a hit and run. In this case, the actions that you take immediately following the accident can have a huge impact on the outcome. State Farm offers the following advice in this case, which will help you preserve your safety while also taking steps towards bringing the guilty party to justice.

Get The Facts On Distracted Driving

Every day drivers in Texas and all over the nation are involved in accidents resulting from distracted driving. While younger drivers are particularly at risk, people of all ages participate in the dangerous behavior, whether it involves use of a mobile device or taking your mind off the task at hand. The following information illustrates just how dangerous these behaviors can be and why it’s the responsibility of all drivers to see that they stop.

How can I be a better driver?

It’s up to all Texas motorists to drive safely. This entails following the laws, being courteous, and taking care to make safe driving a priority at all times. Even if you’ve been driving for a number of years, the following tips from Business Insider can help your refresh your memory and improve your driving ability.