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Why broken bones from a crash can prove financially devastating

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Car Accidents |

The amount of force involved in the average car crash can cause massive property damage and possibly serious injuries. People can hurt their backs or their heads and end up with life-altering medical consequences following a wreck. When compared to a spinal cord injury or a brain injury, a broken bone may not seem very concerning. After all, modern trauma care can usually treat a broken bone with near-universal success rates.

Unfortunately, broken bones can sometimes be incredibly expensive. Those with a fracture after a car crash sometimes settle their insurance claims or choose not to pursue compensation because they underestimate how much their injuries can cost. Why might a fracture become financially devastating?

Not all fractures are simple

Some broken bones are truly minor injuries. The bone only breaks in one location, the fracture itself is relatively clean and there are no secondary issues. However, fractures can also be very severe. A compound or open fracture is possible in a car crash. Such fractures involve the phone tearing through the skin. People can suffer massive blood loss and will have a significantly elevated risk of infection. They will probably require surgery.

Those with comminuted fractures or spiral fractures may also require surgery. Comminuted fractures involve the bone breaking into many, often tiny, pieces. Spiral fractures involve multiple bone pieces with irregular edges because of the twisting force applied at the time of the break. Sometimes, a fracture is the result of a crushing injury that causes catastrophic damage to the bone and the surrounding tissue. More severe fractures, including those that occur because of a crushing injury, may ultimately require a surgical amputation of the affected body part because medical professionals cannot repair the bone.

In any of those scenarios, the broken bone would cost more in medical care than insurance would cover, especially when considering long-term pain management or physical therapy requirements. Additionally, severe fractures can potentially impact someone’s ability to work. Having a thorough understanding of the likely medical consequences of a recent injury may help people more effectively evaluate their need to seek legal guidance and compensation from an at-fault party after a car crash accordingly.