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What should I do if I get in a car accident on my commute to work?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Some people enjoy their daily commute to work because they can take a scenic route or listen to their favorite morning show or local news. Other people dread their daily commute to work because they frequently encounter traffic jams or just aren’t morning people.

However someone may feel about their commute to work each day, they still want to reach their destination safely. A car wreck is stressful at any time, but it can be particularly discombobulating when it disrupts someone’s job or school schedule. What should someone do after a crash in Texas occurs on their commute to work?

Call the police before calling into work

Drivers in Texas have an obligation to report collisions to the authorities so that there is an official record of crashes. Officers will investigate and attempt to assign fault for the crash to one of the motorists involved. It can take some time for the police to come, so it is generally best to reach out to local authorities first thing after a crash. Then, while waiting, the person delayed during their commute can call their employer to inform their supervisor or the human resources department about their delay in arrival. In some cases, they may need to arrange to take an entire shift off, as they may need to seek a medical evaluation after the crash.

Document as much as possible

Provided that a phone doesn’t end up damaged in the collision, it can be a very powerful tool for those involved in a wreck. Not only can they call emergency services and their employer, but they can also use the camera on their device to quickly capture the driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance information of the other driver. The drivers can also take photos or even record video of the scene of the crash before they move their vehicles, thus creating a digital record of the evidence that could help prove who was actually at fault for the wreck.

Know when to see a doctor

Sometimes, the need for medical evaluation and treatment is very obvious because someone has visible wounds or cannot even exit the vehicle because of their injuries. Other times, they may simply feel a bit sore or may not have any physical symptoms right at the scene of the crash. What happened during the collision, such as hitting one’s head on the steering wheel or experiencing a vehicle rollover, can directly influence whether or not a medical evaluation is necessary. It’s often better to err on the side of caution, as some conditions take time to develop and may worsen without treatment shortly after a crash.

Having a plan in place that can help mitigate the stress and secondary consequences inspired by a morning commute crash that keeps someone from getting to work on time.